Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kicking off my green home office makeover

Guest post written by Rosie Caldwell

One of the best parts about working at home is that I feel like my own boss, even if I'm not really my own boss. But that also means that it's a little harder to make myself do work when I don't have someone constantly around that knows how much work I should be doing. I thought that maybe I could pump up my enthusiasm for my home office a little bit if I gave it a green makeover, so that's what I'm working on doing right now.

Right now I'm more so in the planning stages and haven't made many adjustments yet. While I was online a few days ago I found some savings energy plans on a texas electric website and decided that I should just sign up for one of them so that I'm using my energy more efficiently.

That's also a part of my green home office makeover that's going to save me a little bit of money at home. I'm also going to start using less paper, or try to at least.