Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun at Spring time

What I like most about the warm weather is that we get to do a lot of stuff, especially outdoor activities. Like the other day, we started gardening here and at the in-laws yard. I'm the one who does the planting, though it's hard and exhausting but sure fun too. The kids are busy doing their thing as well. My boy was having a good time under the sun and the little girl too, makes her forget her teething. On a second note, since the weather is hot, might as well add up something that will make the kids even more happier. I'm thinking one of those above ground pools, it's cool isn't it?

The cousins have their own above ground pool and we usually hop by their place and have a splash. But sooner or later, will definitely have one in the backyard or maybe when we're in FL already. I want the kids to know how to swim because that's something I can't do. It's terrible not knowing! Want them to become good swimmers in the future, lol! Anyway, if you're looking for ground pools, I know a website that offers just the best. Just click the links and you'll see. Winks!

Have a great week ahead everyone!


Lina Gustina said...

Have a wonderful times :)