Friday, January 27, 2012

Wishing for Summer

When it's not even spring yet. I can't wait winter to be over. Though I must say the winter air is pretty relaxing but I really do love the sun and the outdoors so much. Back home when it's summer, I mean we only have wet and dry season, our family would often go to the beach. It's the perfect place to enjoy the cool waters while under the summer sun. Vacations are usually during summer too, the time of the year when reunions are common for friends and family. As a child, I only have fun summer memories.

I would like my children to have the best possible summer moments as well. I think they would really love it if we could have even just a small pool at the backyard. We've been thinking about it, the husband and I. It'll be a nice project everyone in the family is looking forward to. Might as well try to browse for affordable pool supplies and pool accessories as early as now. It could mean lower deals because it's still off season. My kids however needs to learn how to swim though. To this day, I don't know how to swim! I don't want them to be like me whose been frustrated all her life not being able to splash and dive and fly underwater! Having a decent pool around is a good idea, am excited! Who knows, maybe it's still not too late to learn summer comes. Winks!


Silvergirl said...

weather now sa pinas is fine. malamig pag gabi at mainit sa araw, pero windy siya