Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look alike

I swear this Indian actress and my best friend in college are so look alike in so many ways! The moment i glanced at her it remind me of my bff who sadly have passed away 4years ago seems just yesterday everybody mourned from her tragic death we just missed her dearly that's why every moment never felt that long already. Anyway, Katrina Kaif is my new favorite foreign actress knowing they're simply look alike i like her to the highest level i just miss my bf so much one reason i am watching movies movies alot lately i see her to this actress the way she talks, acts, smiles, eyes, mouth in short her face and her silliness and all. I think i am obsessed with her now hahahah not to mention she's so pretty! At-least i forgot about what bad happened to my dearest friend so and all i can think of is our moments together we enjoyed our years in college and after graduation until i came here! Because when i thought of it makes me choke still :-( but life must go on!

Wish i have a picture of her with me to share so to it for your self but i decided to just left it in my home country.


Anne Louise said...

She's truly a beautiful girl