Monday, June 6, 2011

Blue Monday - Kids Toys

Smiling Sally

~Bubble Guns~
~Tricycle bike~ ~4in1 Slides~

Another BM meme again and these are my entry! It's all about my kiddos stuff since summer is here we usually go outdoors and do some activities in the backyard they love their slides & swing set, the tricycle that my boy very much having fun riding it and this time they are old enough so momshe got them the bubble guns they can make bubbles as they want with no effort to blow it! Wink.


Sally said...

Happy Blue Monday, Shela!

Shela said...

thank you sally! likewise..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful shots!

My BLUE, please come and see.

LivingShed said...

very nice entry

Shela said...

Thank you for dropping by here appreciated much!

Kim, USA said...

Toys all over and it's the time of year kids would love to play around and enjoy their vacation time. ^_^

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Ayielle said...

love the bubble gun!