Friday, June 24, 2011

Future nurse

I have two beautiful kids who are growing up like weeds. As if only yesterday when I was nursing them and changing diapers. Now they're so active and happy toddlers, and before I know it they would have to go to school and get married! Oh no,not the latter, lol! Seriously, Josh is turning 5 next year, he's about to go to school. And you know what, as early as now am thinking what course he might take up in collage. That's way too far yet, but I'd like one of my kids to be a nurse someday. It's just cool to think of my little man work in the medical field. So neat and heroic Wearing those men scrubs.

By the way, speaking of nursing scrubs, you can check out Blue Sky Scrubs latest collection of nursing uniforms, hats, accessories, and so forth at They have this kids collection too where cute and adorable scrubs are made for our little ones. It's so perfect for those play pretend moments. I'd like to grab one for my kids definitely. Winks!


MaryAnneVelasco said...

Hello She. I love nursing scrubs.

When I was still working in a hospital pharmacy in General SAntos City, there are times when I wear white scrubs because they're too comfortable. Haven't worked in a hospital anymore but I always hope to one day work some scrubs.

Kisses to your pretty kids. :)

Silver said...

they are comfy!

Shela said...

thank u ms maxi!! :-)