Thursday, December 29, 2011

The kind of Toys

Wooden toys are better than plastic toys i think! That's what I've learned though because wooden toys can be keep years by years and you can pass it through the years as long as you know how to take care of them. My mother in-law prefers wooden toys just like the wooden train tracks. She got a set of trains tracks with set of mini stuff like miniature trains of course, mini trees and signs as you can see all on the photos. The kids loves it specially my boy he would play all day long with it. And the other to my notice Nana just got him another new set of this to bring home! My reaction was WHOA! haha because another stuff to clean. But one thing though they are so useful for their development stage makes him busy because of so many stuff to do and build. It's a great idea for our little ones to work their brain and eyes you know. Wink!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Barbara Walters

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

One morning I was getting ready for work and overheard the tail end of an interview with Barbara Walters on Good Morning America. She was saying that she had another special that was going to air that night. I always love to watch Specials that Barbara Walters has because you never know who she will be interviewing. We have so later that day I went on the internet to Good Morning America’s website to see if I could find out any more information about the special. On that website I was able to watch the whole interview that they did with Barbara Walters on Good Morning America. So really I did not miss anything. Every year she has a special about the most fascinating people of that particular year and then at the end they announce who they think was the most fascinating person of the year out of all the people interviewed. She was saying that they pick people from all walks of life so you don’t end up with all entertainers or politicians. Whoever ends up on the program, I am sure, will be very interesting.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Blue Monday - Blue Head dress

Smiling Sally

My little girl was in a mood of hairdo malfunction the other day, thought of capturing that precious moment, lol. But the truth though she loves to be always exaggerated and she enjoy dressing and fixing up her self, thought that someday i will enroll her to fashion design school either in Online Colleges or local schools so that her future will be as colorful as she is now! Anyway, I found this really cute blue headband and pink hair piece on my favorite online store and thinking these would be nice addition pieces to my baby girl's wardrobe. So i am into collecting hair dresses for her. Oh just enjoying my life to have such beautiful daughter to dress up and do stuff with and everything about her! I sure mommies agreeing with me! Wink.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sad realities

Watching the news earlier today. Actually am not fond of watching current events because the sad realities are so rampant nowadays. I hate it watching news about juvenile delinquency and teenagers being hooked on drugs. On a positive note, there are professionals and rehab centers like los angeles rehab that's so equipped and capable to help them. Help is really needed to save those kids out there. They're suppose to have a bright and better future ahead of them. Parents really plays an essential role in molding their kids minds and heart. Let's work hard to become their good example to follow.

Educational show they love...

My kiddos loves to watch Blues Clues the blue puppy, lol. Everyday not to mention even though the episodes have been watch gazillions times already well it's not a problem though because they learn to many things on this educational kids show like blues clues. My son and daughter knows every stories he even recognized this man Steve's brother Joe that's what they told me, LOL.


The box am suppose to send to the Philippines is still here. Don't know when I can send it actually. Our schedules was messed up and wasn't able to bring it to the forwarder. It's fine though for I can still put some add-ons to it. My cousin likes to have a north face backpack because she's constantly out of town, like once a month. She's having her masters and she has to attend seminars once a month. Well, I think it's cool because this kind of backpack is very durable and tough. Just the way it is for short trips and overnights. Let me see if I can grab one for her. Would charge her for that though, lol!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angry Birds Game

This is what we are 4 is doing right now playing angry bird games on roku device, it's like wii but different just hard to explain haha! Anyway, been several days already spending quality time with kids after dinner we usually watch movies after dinner but somehow we all hooked by this funny looking birds along their targets the biggy pigs! The boy here is cheering his daddy "says, good job daddy, good job meanwhile the the lil girl and momi are the one getting excited if ever Dada misses the target. It is fun though other than just watching movies. Just for a change will keep playing till we get tired, LOL.

Have a wonderful evening to all!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peeking outside

I am peeking outside right now at my DIL's office building because it's under construction i mean the hired men are trying to finish the bricking on the entire building despite colder and winter is fast approaching they have to get it done before the busy tax time ahead. Well, I saw them wearing extra warmers clothes anyway so i think temperatures are no bother to them plus i saw their gloves are from tillman gloves store when in comes to durability wise those gloves are superb! I guess they know what they're doing and always ready no matter what weather condition may it be!

On the second note, I am shopping stuff for my girl i saw the cutest head dress, facinator or whatever you called it last night i can't move on until she have it she loves to dress herself with extra accessories from head to toe, LOL! Wink!

Not feeling so good

I am talking about me, am sick as dog right now, I should know better! Well it started last Monday I knew it's coming before then i just tolerate my urging, lol. Talking about drinking a lot of sodas in the weekend and deprived my self to take enough of water the outcome is my UTI hit me again... bummer! If i just control it i know it wouldn't happen!! Anyway, I guess will just go get some antibiotics tomorrow because this thing is way over due already and i can not be sick... too much to do around, kids, husband, chores and lots of chores to consider. Hayz!

Monday, December 12, 2011

On scrubs

Scrubs are worn by individuals working in the medical field but we relate them mainly with nurses. This particular dress code speaks so much of their job. It is generally loose-fitting and very comfortable because as we know, nurses have to bend and move a lot, roam here and there. Some of my friends are nurses, I find it really nice looking at them wearing their uniforms. They look so neat, responsible and heroic. Although the hospitals where they work provides them with such uniforms, I think they would find it interesting visiting this link, It's Blue Sky Scrubs, where they can find a huge collection of medical uniforms and cheap medical scrubs. What's nice about their products is because all of it are made from the finest fabrics, mostly cotton which is good because it's more absorbent and reduces bad smells. All are tailored with a nice fit to give a slimming effect with fashionable stitches for a trendier look. Scrubs need not be boring, dull and old-fashioned. With Blue Sky scrubs, nurses will look great while doing the job they love best.

Mellow Yellow Monday #151

He's first battery operated guitar. Got it when he was 3 years old and he was so funny when he heard music he acts like playing a guitar and show it to everybody. This is plastic so am not so worry if he bit this toys up you know kids are so rough at times :-).


Friday, December 9, 2011

More of sillyness

The little girl asked and begging momshe to make funny faces on her pics as well. For her content i let her watched while am editing her photos and she laughs out loud as if she knows what we are doing! Well, actually she knows what we were doing she's a smart little girl! Her big bro was teasing her big time and as you know kurdapyo is a big teased! We are just being silly again and one of the moments i love the most!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Like mom, like son

I was so bored the whole day and for that made some experimentation with photos. Ended up with the picture above. That's me and my boy, being as goofy and silly as we can be! His reaction was priceless when he saw it and said, "oh your lips so pretty mama!" "I got no hair!" "Sure that's a big necklace!" Quite opinionated for a 4 year old boy isn't he? LOL! Being bored can sometimes bring the fun side of everyone. A perfect time to discover new things too, in this case editing pics. Winks!

Check out my other edited FACES!

Friday, December 2, 2011

So craving for!

White chocolate! Hershey's cookies and cream in particular. There's no more left in the pantry when I checked it. Anyway, might as well grab some sweets this weekend. Gotta have a handful so I can include it in the box to be ship in weeks time. Anyway, am still not sleepy so am cleaning my inbox right now. There are plenty of unread messages, lots of mails, spam and so forth. Some are about travel sites, health info, about cigars, diet, etc. Others are about the lowest deals up for grabs. I don't want to read this updates for now, might get tempted to shop again. Hey, for the record i'm not PREGNANT! Haha but really need to have at least a bite of the white chocolate otherwise i can't move on.

Saying good day for now. Talk to you later!

TGIF once again!

Always looking forward when Friday comes either way with plans or not in the weekend. Because husband is with us and we get to spend quality time without any distraction! He's been so very busy lately even though the busiest season here is not yet due to his cabinets job make him so much occupied the good side is you know already, lol. Perhaps this week will be his last week of his extra job which is good he can relax before tax time. But we just heard someone got interested and saw his work and wanted him to customized their kitchen cabinets as well. We'll see then. How bout you what's your weekend plan?

TGIF to all!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Perhaps soon

I'm so eager to start a business soon, in the Philippines though. I've discussed it with my father already and both of us are excited. But am not gonna go into the details until we're officially running, lol! Just to give you a hint, we might need some POS system software to help our business perform well. I'm really hoping for our plans to push through. On a second note, I really should be take a break today because for tonight's meeting. Need to catch up some sleep because I was like awake the whole evening yesterday because of too much caffeine intake. So before insomnia hits me again, should fix my sleeping patterns and that means going to bed early! Right?

The Best

I am talking about my new washer and dryer. They're simply the best helpers I've ever have in along time i called them my helpers because without them my goodness i can't imagine how's my everyday life's gonna be! Living in the US is not easy household chores wise no body is helping you but your self! Compare to Philippines we can just easily hired a helper and your done they will do all your chores and everything! So I'm so glad that the husband really knows what i want, what i need and what i love! I enjoy every moment i do laundries!!! Amazing they are so quite unlike my old once they were so noisy and shaky, LOL.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sister's Request

Soon I'll be sending my BB box to family in the Philippines i know it's going to be late already for December even though we don't celebrate Christmas but I'd love sending them on this time of the year you know cheaper and faster way to send package might as well take advantage of it. Well speaking of such advantaged thing, lol. My sister is requesting for new laptop or tablet i try to wait until this stuff will be on sale i might get her a tablet instead have very good deal on it right now just like this Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 32 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet at pricegrabber online store they are giving away 20-25% discount on selected tablets and electronics. My sister doesn't like big tablets she rather interested into smaller size so that it easy for her to carry anywhere she wanted. I think this is the right one! Will gonna mention this to the husband because he said he is gonna pay for the new computer to send to my family.

Friday, November 25, 2011

No Black Friday....

.. Shopping for me because the husband already got me a thing, lol! My washing machine got messed up so i have no choice to tell him and he decided to get a new one and of course dryer should be replace as well for them to match. In my pleasant surprised the stuff he got is really what i love because they are in my favorite color!!! wanna guess? haha! It's RED baby! Been longing to have a matching washer and dryer in this color and now just the timely manner. Couldn't ask for more i thank my husband for thinking of me always! So sweet of him! I am totally fine even i can not get to spend my shopping spree on a black Friday deals b'coz i already got more what i expected. Wink wink!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

An ultimate vacation for the kids

Disneyworld would probably have to be the ultimate vacation for the kids and even those kids at heart. I really thought we could visit Disneyland this year but things happened along the way and our plans changed. But of course we can't forget about it. We love to go to Florida, my husband's relatives are all there and I haven't seen them yet actually. Aside from a wonderful family reunion, the sight-seeing, beach hopping, and Disney adventure is something to look forward to. I also have a good friend who lives there and I'll be so happy to see her. She already mentioned a nice place to stay in FL, the Epcot resort hotels that's located in the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort. A gateway to the amazing themed park, you also get to enjoy other specials and benefits if you stay in this hotel. She said it would be a practical and perfect place to be if you're on a Disney vacation. I hope this time around our plans will push through. I just can imagine my children's smile and happiness the moment they'd see all the Disney characters and all. That would be so cool!

PhotoHunt 292: Wet/Rain

Kiddos was having fun in the sun last summer that they can't get enough swimming in their mini kids pool we found it in the shed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My world

Are my kids. It's them who keeps me occupied, tired, stressed, blessed, complete, and happy all the time. I've got best of both worlds you know, lol! Seriously, they are growing like weeds, as if it was only yesterday when I carried them inside my tummy. Now they're just so hyper, jolly, playful, bold, ever learning! With their age right now, they are at the peak of their learning years and as parents we are doing all we can, all our best to be the support and example they need. The little girl love books lately so we read her a story or two before she goes to bed. While the little man loves to draw and play puzzle. He's also getting interested with building blocks and of course his trucks. You can imagine how our house looks like when they're active. Their toys storage are indeed helpful for keeping their stuff after playing but after several hours, it's all over the place again and again. Oh well, kids will be kids. It's just wonderful seeing them grow as bright, healthy, and happy.

May we all have a fantastic weekend ahead everyone! As for me here, am definitely looking forward for a joyride. Winks!

Sky Watch Friday

Just a peek of my Photograph here and my entry for Sky Watch Friday meme! For more of my Photography just visit my other webpage and hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Her app..

It's my little girl doctor appointment today for 2 years well check we missed it last April and so when i brought her big bro last month (same doctor) i asked to check her in and the available schedule is by November only so even she's late i go ahead take the appointment. I am kinda curious how she reacts today on the last time we visited she was ballistic like his brother way before she doesn't want her doctor to touch or do nothing on her! I got so exhausted watching! I hope she'll be different this time around just like the Kuya's last visit he is more mellow and relax! I'm feeling bad though because they will give her a shot and her flu mist today which is so necessary! Poor baby,mama sorry :-(.

Got to go to get ready! have a great week ahead!

Friday, November 11, 2011

About Airsoft

What is Airsoft? It is a recreational activity wherein participants shoot round non-metallic pellets via replica firearms. The game used to be for special purposes like military simulations, historical reenactment, and target shooting events. But nowadays airsoft has became more of a form of sports and recreation indeed. My sister told me that it's getting pretty famous in our hometown. Different people from different walks of life, old and young alike team up and play airsoft every week. They get this thrill and excitement every time they play combat. But this kind of recreation is also quite expensive. But if you enjoy such kind of hobby it doesn't matter right? By the way, if you are looking for airsoft guns, tactical gears, and other equipment, the God Father website is the choice for you. They have the widest selection of airsoft, all in their lowest, most affordable prices for they get it straight from the factory. Anyway, when it comes to guns or tactical gears though, I personally don't have an interest with them to be honest. But we have a riffle though in case a bear crash in or something like that.

Weekend plan

I have this crazy last two minute plan for tomorrow the husband doesn't know yet but i try to convince him if we can go out of town tomorrow night and stay on the hotel i am browsing right now, haha crazy me huh! He knows i am like this once in a while just love to jump up in the car and go wherever our minds lead us. I have this itchy feet feeling and i wanna go somewhere but HOME! kiddos and I were stuck in the dungeon for week or two now and i know they are bored as much their momshe is! Well, I found a nice deal for 4stars hotel on an overnight stay only that's what i wanted to do right now just relax and chill out. I have mix emotion how to tell him and he will only say "OK dear", LOL.

Nursing units in Ohio

Living in Ohio and in search of a nursing home? Crandall Medical Center might be the one for you or your dear elderly loved ones. This particular skilled nursing Ohio unit is a non-profit, therapy facility center known for its best patient care and services. The Center is staffed with compassionate, reliable, and fully-equipped medical team who values each patient's right and well-being. Whether it's for a short or long term stay, Crandall helps both the patient and their loved ones through the assistance they provide and services they practice. Adding to skilled nursing aids, they also provide rehabilitation programs that will help residence regain skills and get back to their normal life. It includes recreational assistance, speech and physical therapy, even aquatic therapy in the safest and most efficient way. Nursing homes need not look or be like hospitals, it should be home-like nowadays. Where elderly ones can retire and at the same time still enjoy companionship and be productive.

Do visit their website and know more of what they have to offer. See the community and residence and view pictures of their rooms and amenities.

Good morning mommies!

This one's to all the mothers in the hood. Here's a really nice and heart-warming photo I saw at facebook today. It's such a simple sketch and yet says so much! I love you mom and it feel so dang wonderful to be loved as a mom.

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dance Party

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

My niece told me that for her seventh birthday, she wants to come over to my house and have a dance party with her friends. I do not have kids of my own, but I adore my niece, so if she wants to have a dance party, then I am going to give her one rocking party. I have already thought about the music. We have several music channels from direct.TV that will be perfect to dance to. I am pretty sure that the food will be simple because my niece has requested pizza. My sister was a little worried when my niece told her that she wanted her party to be at my house instead of hers. I told her that it is probably just a phase she is going through, but secretly I like having her to myself. I told her that she and her friends can spend the night at my house after the dance party if they want to. I would like to have kids of my own someday, but for now I think I will just spend time spoiling my niece.

Exchanged fruit in the basket

Cousin in San Diego and I are playing the exchanged fruit in the basket game! But in a modern way haha we used to play that game when we were little. Anyway, this is more fun though one of the heels i am selling right now did really caught her eyes and she loves it a lot meanwhile the other day she was on her favorite store she took some pictures of the stuff inside and i saw this beautiful fashion winter coats hanging on the very center and so to speak i am planing to get one on this color and style so i came up a plan and she agree to just swap stuff to each other we both excited and can't wait to wear them on. I gave her the heels and she gave me a jacket. Woohooo i like this game! LOL

This one is better

Teenage years are the time of our life when we start to get conscious and concerned about our physical appearance. As for me though, am such a late bloomer so I don't remember I had lots of issues with myself. But I have a teenage cousin in the Philippines and at the age of 13, she's very lady-like. I guess it's normal for teens nowadays because of the influence of media and peers. Right now, I heard she wanted to have braces on her teeth. She needs it but doesn't want to have that nerd, boring look. I don't know if the dental clinics over there has something like San Antonio Invasalign Orthodontic process. This one is way better than the typical braces. Invasalign or invisible braces is the breakthrough new technology that lets you have that smile without the hassle and awkward look of metal braces. The treatment involves using a series of clear, removable aligners that straighten your teeth with fast results. I bet anyone using, or planning to have braces would prefer such invisible ones. This one's for my cousin I guess.

Anyway, if you'd like to know more of invisalign treatment, do visit CDA. They are the leading provider specially around TX area.

My favorite drink

Orange peach juice is my by far favorite fruit juice since am avoiding my best to sodas and other caffeinated beverages now a days this really helps my cravings of soft drinks which is really good alternative for me. I used to be a Pepsi or cokes lover but it's not very good on our body. Another thing is i believe drinking healthy equals younger looking skin fruit juices have plenty of anti oxidants benefits to our body and skin. Feeding our skin on all sorts of anti oxidants it will give you a glowing complexion. Just glasses of fruit juice makes your life healthier and prettier. I love mine with plenty of ice and a fresh fruit on top. Wink!

Have a wonderful morning everyone!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Care at Home

Months ago, our grandma here fell over and had injuries at her back and legs. For a couple of months, we had to assist her all the way because she can't do things on her on. We had to bathe her and moved her around as gently as we could. With the help of elder care programs, we had a caregiver came over to the house and gave grandma professional care she deserves. The caregiver was really reliable and compassionate. Providing assistance, aid, companionship, housekeeping, medication reminders, personal hygiene and so forth. Their support helped grandma get back on shape. I mean, eventually she can do things on her own already and right now she's doing well. We're thankful with this kind of service, just have to call them anytime we need them.

By the way, Preferred Care at Home provides such services too. They care for those you care about, and very willing to give you assistance in caring for our dear elderly ones. Just give them a visit and know about their other services and rates as well.

I've won a pretty wedge

Last weekend i was doing my online thingy and i don't know why i ended up myself bidding on a gorgeous yellow wedge, lol. I was just playing along to the auction thing going on i just love the style of the shoes but in the back of my mind if i don't win so be it don't hurt me, i placed the bid when the clock is almost over and after awhile like an hour i got an email that i won it! I was kinda... you kidding me! haha. But at the same time happy though because i really like the wedge and i have a matching dress already so it is very perfect for each other. I really need to avoid going on a bidding sites because i always win i guess i am just lucky enough, lol.

Wedding update

In my previous posts I mentioned about my brother-in-law's coming wedding. We are all getting excited here. I heard they have a fixed date already and hoping everything works well as planned. As per update, I know the bride-to-be is now looking for possible wedding gowns. At first we thought they'll have to buy it here in the States the moment she arrives but because of her petite sized, it would be better to have it done in the Philippines.

The groom-to-be is also busy over here. Looking for a nice reception venue, the wedding stuff, and wedding ring. Knowing him, his got a unique style and taste so I guess he wants something like Celtic wedding bands. Since Celtic people are known for their mastery of metalwork and unique patterns embodied in their fine jewelries, Celtic wedding rings are indeed precious bands perfect for that one beautiful wedding. Can't wait for that one sweet day! I'm so happy for the both of them. I remember the feeling when the hubby and I were about to get married, it was so blissful and nerve-wrecking. LOL!


Kids demands for McDonald for their breakfast this morning so the daddy jumped up the car and drove us to get the big breakfast meal :-). The kids loves well who doesn't ever since the first time we took them every now and then especially the big brother and the lil girl just followed him all the name. She look up to him big time and they just seldom quarrelling each other. So anyways, they hugs their Dada and thank him for the wished! lol.

On a second note since the husband is working even Saturday he got to catch up times on his job. Me,will call the MIL to drive us in the store to have grocery shopping. Nothing much this weekend to do. K, Have a great morning!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In demand jobs

One of the fast growing fields in the market today are Technologists & Technicians Jobs they are very in demand and makes great money! This medical laboratory tech also known as medical technologist works and performs the various tests in clinical labs on samples of body fluids to identify diseases of patients. they were the experts of this field of service and it is growing fast that you could imagine. One reason i plan to let my sister proceed her education on medical course. I ask her to either enroll in a school or online which ever she likes best. This way i can assure she'll be in a better future.

Yummy Sunday # 114

Here you go the perfect breakfast plate of all times. Enjoying the hot cocoa and suman lagkit only in the Philippines. Wink!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long Eyelashes...

I am talking about my boy's long eyelashes, he got it from his daddy husband has this long and curly lashes ever and our son bit him on that, lol. When i was pregnant I'm so fascinated with my husband's face specially his eyes and lashes in the back of my mind i keep wanting to put him the mascaras but that never happen though. Anyway, even he is my son i am so jealous of how long and thick his eyelashes. I told his daddy that if i could find the best eyelash growth products around i probably buy it because i really wanted to have the best asset a girl could ask for to have longer eyelashes. I am so grateful to God that bought of my kiddos got their eyes to their father and not me, LOL.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter Clothes

Few of the shopping i did last night, fashion clothing for my 2 and half year old daughter that wears 4T whew! She loves dresses and everything about girly stuff she's number one in line! lol. Not to mention she adores Dora so when i saw the set i said i must get it! haha. I think she will look great on these as much mommy loves it! Can not wait to get here. Wink!

Shopping fall and winter clothes

Last night i slept so late why because i want to finish my online shopping for clothes and glad i got it the task done! It is getting cooler and cooler already and kids are growing like weeds their stuff for cold season gone a little short. So i really went and sit down to get few stuff such as sweater dresses for my little girl found some really cute and gorgeous ones and hard to resist them. For the boy also momshe got him some cool sets of jackets and pants, long sleeves shirt and stuff like that you know.

I am happy too that my online favorite stores have the best deal ever! I save so much and got plenty of discounts here and there! That's the reason why i love online shopping i can go shop anytime i feel like it and no driving less hassle. As long you know what to get and knows the quality just by staring at them you are good in online shopping just like me, always please of what I've got b'coz am good to it! LOL

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Kurdapyo

My boy is all growing up he's 4.5 y/o now before i knew it he'll be bigger than momshe, lol! Anyway lately he hates camera and taking him pictures is so hard to manage but i think this is really perfect i got to captured him so nicely without him knowing and it turn out great! We're at The Parthenon Museum a week ago and we roamed and strolled there for a while, kids enjoy the museum and had so much questions "what's this, what's that stuff " haha. It's good though that's the way they are learning!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

You're not a trash

Those stuff we throw away can be recycled and be put to good use. I'm talking about household waste like leftover food and those in the garden like dead leaves, weeds and grass. One way is composting and nowadays we don't have to depend on nature to do this process alone. We could get one of those good value compost bin. Household and garden waste can now be turned to fertilizers for us to have a better garden soil. Clean Air Gardening has a huge variety of bins we could use either outdoors or inside the home. They've got this kitchen composter with just the right size perfect for indoors. And the price is so affordable for a useful tool such as this. Just visit the website if you're interested.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Maid of Honor

I can't help to get excite when thinking of the wedding next year my brother in law and a Filipina friend who lives in my parents house getting married! It's wonderful to see how they met and fall in love to each other. One of the things we look forward to is her coming here to reunite him and so everyone is looking forward to it! I will be there maid of honor and husband is my best man! I have vision what dress i wanted also its gonna be a long and elegant dress but i still working on to shred excess weight until the big day come, lol! This is one of the dress i kinda like it so far but it is in purple! Wink!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've been watching Filipino movies. Haven't done that in a while though but since I know where to download already, I gave it a try, now am hook. But I need speakers because I'm using my laptop and the volume isn't that nice. There are really nice and cute ones like this pillow speaker at The Source, along with other speakers home theater system too but those are really to much just for my laptop. What I like about this online shop is their prices, it's so friendly! So I guess getting a new speaker would make me want to watch movies even more. Oh no, lazy days are coming my way I guess. Have a blessed and happy weekend ahead everyone!

Babies N Bellies

That's the online shop am browsing right now. How I miss being pregnant, lol! Not really though. Just that I miss the feeling of having a baby inside my tummy, the smell of their delicate scent, the soft and fragile skin. Anyway, this particular shop has so many fabulous maternity fashion for pregnant mommies. Their tops collection are so gorgeous! I believe that pregnant women are at their prettiest and will sure look even more beautiful wearing such trendy clothing. Just like top u see on the photo that's the style i like and the color very fresh looking you know. So if you're pregnant, be fashionable as you can be. You can also check out the website too if you like.

Purple dress for my Girl

Gorgeous isn't it? I had this vision of what i wanted for my little girl on the wedding of her uncle next year she is their flower girl and the motif are purple and lavender combine. I always love ruffles and bubble dresses thought it is very cute! When i saw this dress oh i said this is it nothing but this one! haha. So perfect for her an elegant bubble hem purple dress with lavender sash on it! I love the big bow at the back and the simplicity of the front make this flower girl dress look so stunningly beautiful! I will make sure she going to wear this in the wedding! Promised! LOL

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big girls clothing

Women with big body structures and good height may sometimes find it hard to look for clothing that would compliment and flatter them. All plus sized clothes seem to have the same style, cut and look again and again. But thankfully, gone are the days when the word plus size means unfashionable and shaped like tents clothes. There are lots of websites that specializes in plus size womens clothing, would be very easy to find comfortable, trendy and fashionable apparel for the big girls. Woman Within, an online one stop shop for anything and everything from shirts and blouses, tank tops, pants, jackets, dresses for special occasions, swimwear, and so forth. Such a huge variety to choose from! And they also have big discount and sale available and just waiting for you. Their clearance sale dropped down to as low as 80%, so cool isn't it? So all the plus size ladies in the house, grab yours now and happy shopping!

Anyway, how was your weekend everyone? Haven't done so much this weekend. We just relax here in the house, watched movies, and cook and cook. Now am gaining weight once again!

Yummy Sunday #111

Its cupcakes and I incorporate my version of banana cupcake to make it more enjoyable for my kiddos. They love cupcakes so what i mix with the banana are white chocolate chips, chocolate coated raisins and regular raisins. And i topped it with banana cream frosting with fresh strawberry. It is healthy and treaty! Wink.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Take time

To smell the flowers. I truly agree. No matter how busy we get or things going complicated, life is indeed beautiful and simple if we take time to smell the flowers. Speaking of, I loved it when someone gives me flowers on special occasions. Will love it even more when it's just out of nowhere. Browsing EZbloomers floral collections, I want to order some, lol! They have really pretty designs, you can check out their online floral arrangements and find one you like too. The nice thing with this website is that prices and range are pretty much lower than other flower shops because you get to pay directly to your local florist. Anyway, I know a couple whose anniversary is fast-approaching. Would love to send them flowers this time. Winks!

Colors Speak

We have the choice to color our world, and those choices we make speaks so much about ourselves. I read an article about the colors we paint in our homes, what those hues saying and what does it reveals about us. Let me share it here.

Warm colors
  • Orange is “the color of warmth.” It has a cheery feel.
  • Red is “the color of vitality, literally representing blood and symbolically representing the heart.”
  • Yellow is “the color of the sun.” “It’s the brightest color at maximum saturation, appearing brighter even than white.”

Cool colors
  • Blue symbolizes “the purity of a clear blue sky.” “It feels uncluttered and evokes clarity and stability.”
  • Green is “the most abundant color in our natural environment, so it conveys a feeling of comfort and friendliness.”
  • Violet symbolizes “extravagance and royalty.” In the form of a rich purple, “it is a dramatic and sensual color.”
Well our kitchen is _Hunter Green_, our living room is _White_, my son's room is __Blue&Green__, and my daughter's room is _Pink&Purple___. You see, I love my world to be colorful.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

On general cleaning

Just chatted with my sister yesterday and talked about the coming month of October. You see, it's such a special month for us because it's our parents anniversary. I told my sister not to tell mom and dad about our plans and all. Anyway she told me our older brother is going home too, with his wife so it'll be a good timing. Now she'll have to do a general cleaning in the house. Got to put new curtains and bedding, new linoleum for the floor, change rugs, etc.

Speaking of rugs, I found gorgeous ones at The Rugs Warehouse. Wow, I just fell in love with their designs. The bizarre circles are so adorable, looks like candies on the floor! Gotta find something like this in the local store and wait for a good deal. Am also thinking of sending some in the Philippines, just too heavy though to put in the box! Anyway, October is very much fast-approaching. Hope everything will go smoothly as planned. As for my sister, well she loves cleaning the house big time. It's like a therapy for her. Wish you can clean my place here too sissy, I need your service. LOL!

Forgetting How to Play

A fifth of the parents in Britain claim to have forgotten how to play with their children, according to a recent survey. One third confess hat the find play boring, while others lack time or ideas. Regarding this finding, Professor Tanya Byron, a clinical psychologist, says " There are four key ingredients to a successful playtime between parents and children: education, inspiration, integration and communication". Although 1 in 3 parents chose to play computer games with their children, the vast majority of youngsters prefer playing these alone. Among the activities that most 5- to 15-year-olds want to share with their parents are outdoors games and board games.

Source: Awake

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gonna be a party!

The brother in law is very excited and so are we, for his wedding is fast-approaching. Actually, we still don't have an exact date but hopefully it's gonna be early next year. The bride-to-be is also busy with all her papers and right now we are helping the two of them with the preparations. Aside from the wedding, we are also thinking of giving her a shower party the moment she arrives here. I want to help in anyway I can so might as well start looking for the things we need. Browsing the net, I found a really cool party supply store which basically have all the stuff for the party. Stickers, tiaras, heart shape balloons, pic's and pomps, bags and boxes, and so much more! U.S.TOY is definitely the shop to be for party supply needs. They ship free too with no minimum orders required. Right now they have this clearance sale on toys and novelty items, I really like to grab some for the kids and maybe for me too, lol! Just bringing out the child in me I guess.

Anyway, we are all looking forward to the wedding next year. Can't wait to finally see them tie the knot and start a new life together forever. I'm also excited for the kids as well, they'll be part of the entourage so do I and the husband. Wedding preparations can be stressful and blissful, hopefully things will work out just as planned.

PF # 89: Last Winter

~He's enjoying it a lot~
~ And she's not at all~
I hate cold weather honestly, but i am excited as well when winter is here because of the snow! I love the look of the outside when it is blanketed with snow. This was last winter when our state got hit with 6days straight of snowstorms. The entire state was all covered with whitey pretty snow. Me and my son loves it! meanwhile my little girl wasn't very happy when i took them outside to play, she was getting ballistic! Poor thing. However I am curious how she reacts this time around she might enjoy it now. Hmmm will see!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

After the Fire

One of the most terrible situation in life is probably being devastated by fire. The damage whether big or small affect those victims. What's even harder? After the fire. The cleaning and restoration process is a very tough job, and sometimes dangerous to health also. When it comes to issues like this, better to ask the help of professionals. Something like what The Steam Team do. You can check out the services they perform here, Their team will make sure to clean, restore, and save belongings as much as possible.

Serving the TX area for three decades, they help clients in cleaning, maintenance, and restoration whether for it's for commercial or residential purposes. They also perform carpet cleaning, tobacco odor removal austin, upholstery cleaning, water damage repairs, furniture and leather cleaning and so forth. So if you need some aid, just go to their website and request for a free quote. Wondering if we do have something like this in TN area? Hmmm


Both husband and I have doctor's appointments to go this afternoon. Mine would be regarding my teeth fix so i have to meet the dentist. Good thing the grandma offered to watch the kiddos i don't prefer to bring the children with us so much flu viruses going right now in elsewhere they just got their colds last week and i don't want them to catch another one again! Trying to do some tasks before i get ready there stuff to bring with them at granny's. And as well before i get ready our selves might as well finish my unfinished tasks online.

So see you'll here later! Have a wet Wednesday ahead!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Web Classes

Thanks to Darwin Barton

I am a small business owner. I also am not very good with computers, but have trying to learn over the last few years. I think it is important that I move towards having some of my retail products available online. My kids tease me when I call them and have them explain how to do what they call “simple” things on the computer. I have hired a web designer to get the process started. I recently took a class about computer and web basics. I felt inspired and decided to search for a new security system on-line. I logged onto all by myself and gathered information. I even made a decision about the package I wanted and scheduled an appointment on-line. I was so excited that I actually got something done on-line on my home. I called my kids and let them know. I even called the web designer because I was so proud. Surfing the web and computer basics are actually much easier that I always thought. I can’t wait to get my company’s site up and running.


My four year old son sketched this, he said it is Kick Buttowski the boy from Disney channel show he is fascinating with him lately and he plays the games, he does the tricks of that lil cartoon boy. He is so hilarious when does all the funny acts of Tick Tittawski that's what he calls him. lol.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GPS helps business

Especially if you're a transport company and wants the business to commute and run smoother, trucker gps can really help. GPS as we know is the cost-effective way to ensure you never get lost. It gives signals and tracks your position, directing metre by metre to your destination. Want one? You can grab them at lower prices at The Source. They will also help you choose which gps is right for you, depending on your needs. I remember we went out of town several months ago, if it wasn't for the gps we have in the car, we should have been lost and out of track. It really helped a lot!

My Son's Masterpiece

We are so proud of him doing this kinda stuff, drawing! When he was like 3.5 y/o he always asked us to draw him anything and specially cars and trucks. Even the momshe doesn't know how to draw really but trying to satisfies son's request good thing though that the Dada is an artist so he is always to the rescued, lol! Right now son's is getting better he can draw better than me! At 4 y/o he has this wide imagination he just stared closely to the object and next thing you see him is sketching it then making a drawing already and he said this is his daddy's Chevy truck and daddy was driving on it! Good job son way to go!

coupons anyone?

There are lots of dell home coupons up for grabs now at Drop Down Deals. Actually, they have lots of coupons available, from different shopping sites you're up to. But since am looking for great bargains on laptops now, this dell coupons are quite interesting for me. My bro in the Philippines wants a new laptop. Told me to get one and he'll just pay for it installment basis, lol! Can avail this coupons for him I guess. With discount cards, it'll definitely be a good buy because prices really go down compared to the original price.

What would be?

A nice surprise to the two most important people of my life celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary? No matter how I want to keep it secret, I just can't stop myself LOL! Good thing my parents don't use the internet and am quite sure my sister won't let them read my blogs or else they will know what I'm up to. But seriously, I still don't know exactly what to give them. Wanna throw them a surprise party, with family and friends joining them. But that would last for just a day, might as well give something tangible and special. A flat screen tv perhaps, which my father would really love because he enjoys watching HD movies. Or a new set of kitchen stuff, my mom would make even more delicious dish when she has it. Now am confused.. haha!

I still have time though to figure out. Just thinking about it gives me excitement. Wish we can just go home and be with them on their anniversary! But I'll make sure they will love my present and would feel my presence. Gotta save more penny for now though. Anyway, what would be a nice gift if I may ask you? Your comments are appreciated. Winks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting ready for winter!

Even though i hate cold weather but nonetheless to say it's fast approaching so i have no choice to get stuff ready clothing wise. I need to sort out our winter clothes again and hang it to the closet. For now i just got me a new pair of over the knee boots that's super adorable for my opinion! It was a great deal and got it on sale from popular store forever21. It is really true to the picture and very comfortable. For the price? can't be beat! Love it because i have no almost like thigh high boots yet like this one. Wink!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Scrubs all you want

For nurses, doctors, and anyone working in the medical field, you might wanna fill your closets with scrubs and other medical uniforms. As we know, Blue Sky is the leading choice for stuff like these. Right now they have this newest collection of cheap scrubs, particularly scrubs for women. So if you love trendy uniforms you can check them all at Pretty much you'll find something you'll really like. The nice thing with Blue Sky is that their products are so trendy and unique like what i just said. Made of high quality materials, tailored nicely to have a slimming fit so you can look and feel the way you deserve. They also have those really cute looking hats. So colorful and bright! Nurses might as well wear it, would make any hospital or clinic look more friendly. By the way, they also have scrubs for the little ones. If you want your kids to dress as you do, you can grab some for them too. Just visit them online and see what's in store for you.

Finding the right scrubs for you ain't no hassle anymore. With just a few clicks you can get it as you want. I'm pretty sure my nurse friend in FL would want to know about this website, hmmm.. Anyway, got to go ahead guys. Will be doing some errands. I'll see you in a bit.

Friday, September 9, 2011

PF # 87: Pink Flowers

My first time to join Pink Friday meme. I love taking pictures of anything to see more visit my photography blog if you get a chance and feel free to browse my collection :-)! Anyway, i think i will be following the PF meme because my lil girl loves PINK! For now my introductory entry are flowers that i captured it during our visit @ the butterfly farm in Chattanooga. Dunno what their names but sure they are pretty gorgeous flowers!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello Autumn!

Just happy we did a lot of swimming last week, even bought a mini pool for the kids to enjoy. But I guess we can't do it again this weekend, swimming time was cut short for autumn is almost here already. We are having rain showers for a couple of days now and the breeze is getting cooler. The little boy caught colds and got a runny nose because of the change of weather. Oh boy, though I must say I like autumn's beauty but it also marks the coming of winter, and I hate it! Chilly nights and lazy days are ahead of us! Time to change our wardrobes too. We'll be wearing those heavy, thick and over-sized jackets again. Gloves, stockings and scarfs. Will definitely grab some kids hoodies and boots as well. It's better to buy early while the prices are low and bargains are all over the place. Just like at PS from Aeropostale, they have huge discounts now, as low as 50% off!

Anyway, just like all the season's, things are in constant change. Well, bring it on! Change is very much welcome and healthy, as long as it's for the betterment of everybody. May we all have pleasant everyday, for all seasons! Winks!

Kiddos are SICK

I hate when they get sick this is the last thing mother could ask! They are not sickly kids and so looking at them with their running nose and watery eyes makes my hurt broken i don't want them to get sick that's the reason why momshe is always careful about everything they do not this time though last Monday rain caught them when we headed up to Walgreen's twas raining hard and even we managed to wrapped them good yet still my bot got it first then the following day he shared it to his lil sister now they are in duet sneezing and coughing occasionally! I hope they will get better soon! I just don't want them to not feeling good! Sigh!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

For Nurses out there

Hi every one just checking, would you like to get a new set of scrubs? Try visiting and get to see Blue Sky's widest selection of nursing uniforms, nurses scrub uniforms, custom scrubs, accessories, jackets, lab coats, bottoms, pants, tops, hats, and so much more! We all know that Blue Sky is the leading choice for this kinda products and for years, they're providing quality and trendy medical items. The price is affordable too, perfect for that tight budget. I really like their hat collection, it's so cool and cute. The last time we visited the clinic, some of the nurses were wearing it and it made the entire aura light and more friendly.

If I were a nurse, would definitely not take my scrubs for granted. It represents their work, which is one of the noblest job in the world. Will share this link to my friend nurse in FL. Just in case she'll be interested.

Got to go fellas! See ya around. Here's wishing a blessed and beautiful week ahead for all of us.

Just loving it!

It was a great weekend for us. Went to the mall the other day and grab a new fancy, mini pool for the kids. It was on sale so we hurriedly grab one. The kids were so ecstatic for they just love to swim and spend the entire afternoon at the backyard wet and wild, lol! Of course I joined them. The husband was the one busy taking pictures of us, as you can see my previous post! I just love how our family is getting stronger and happier each time. Our children is definitely our source of joy, nothing compares! Anyway, now am just lazing around, doing my thing online. Then came to drop by at CP Toys website and just loving everything I'm seeing here. They offer a unique mix of quality products like childrens play furniture, educational toys for kids like puzzles, building blocks, kitchen play and so much more!

I so want this dance-with-me-doll for the little girl. Got to just slip this doll's elastic strap over her shoes and hand in hand they will dance away. I bet the daughter will adore her, dressed in a pretty, fun tutus. Can't wait to have this soon. Hopefully we can also get a piano, or a mini drum set for the boy. It'll be cool if he'll know to play some musical instrument right? Really like this shop a lot! And their prices are budget-friendly, good news to mommies like me. Winks!

They can't get enough!

Kids can't get enough of swimming this were the third time for the past 2weeks! They've always enjoyed of course who doesn't? silly me! haha. Anyway they have much fun yesterday than the previous time because we got them this cool hippo kiddo pool, their faces were priceless when they saw their new toy! Even momshe got to play with them in the pool! Well, at least enjoy it while summer last!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

School is cool!

Hey, here's something really cool I just bumped into today. Pretty much helpful especially to teachers out there who might be so busy going to the malls or stores to get their school supplies. School Supplies for less is the number one teachers store online that has everything and anything school-related. From arts and crafts like drawings, paintings, stamps, papers, brushes. To home school supplies, furniture, teaching tools, toys and plays, and so much more! Well it's not just a store for teachers, but for parents as well. Their prices are very much affordable and super friendly, will definitely grab some for the little ones. I'd like my son to play with colors cause I think he has potential in drawing. My brother is a painter so I really think it runs in the blood. Should support and develop Josh's talent so he'll grown up and become a painter too.

And the fact that he's going to school soon, I better keep this website's link in handy. So am not gonna forget about them. I'm excited shopping for school supplies this time. I guess it's normal for a mom like me to be more excited and at the same time anxious to have a school boy for the first time. Kids are growing up like weeds don't they?

Yard Art on Thursdays

My garden is flowering like crazy just planted them in the middle of summer and look at them now spreading in my entire flower bed. I love bird bath and some garden decors to add details on it!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Be wise, money-wise!

The Great Recession that started in the U.S had become so severe and is now affecting many countries. The blame may go to irresponsible borrowing, buying things for which people are unable to pay. Financial problems arise if one fails to set priorities, plan ahead, and manage money wisely. But to those who are in debt already, just what can they do? Applying for a loan can be the answer but it has to be legitimate. Through banks and trusted credit companies. But sometimes though, what adds to the stress is not the debt but the debt collection harassment. Here's a useful information, under the law, a debt collector cannot call you repeatedly, call you at inconvenient times/places, use abusive language, threaten to take action that cannot be taken legally, and so forth. By the way is a website which provide assistance to debtors against debt collections abuse.

If you want to stop collection calls and stop debt collectors from bugging you, just visit them online and request for a free case review. It's hard being in debt, heart ache and headache, sleepless nights, and stress. But there is definitely a way out. Manage finances wisely and sticking to your budget do a lot of help. Especially to mommies like me, it's our job to take care of the budget after all.


It's just Wednesday but for me feels like Friday already for so much things i for the past couple of days the time flew by so quickly! I haven't manage to come by to my blogs due to my schedule the husband and I just finished the project he had for out little girl last night but before that like what i said my days were gone quickly two days in a row i was all over the house cleaning, errands and doing my daily chores! I got done painting yesterday night her closet and her bed cases we slept so late last night as well just to make and see the finish product done! However everything so worth it seeing the little girl's reaction the excitement in her eyes, her giggled and her ear to ear smiles was amazing every soreness and tiredness we both had was gone! And today is another day for me! Still not done with cleaning.

Have a great long weekdays for me and you! wink!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

care for the elderly

One fact in life is that we all grow old and eventually need the assistance of others for we can't do things on our own. It would be nice growing old with a companion but sometimes, some people just face it alone. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes the only option left is to bring the elderly in a nursing home. They will be taken care of really well at those retirement centers. But personally speaking, I really admire those families whose taking care of their elderly family member. It's a commitment that no matter what, they'll stick it out. It's no easy job at all. The good thing is that home care service by professionals are very much available these days. Something like Visiting Angels at NJ, they provide NJ senior care and assistance needed to help adults or the elderly retain their independence with the help of their trained nursing aids.

Inviting someone into our home, taking care of our loved ones is a serious matter, so we should look for those trusted ones only. The same thing goes if an elderly lives alone, he/she must be careful in choosing a trusted home care service. Visiting Angels, a New Jersey elder care center, proving true to its name, offers assistance and helping seniors age in place, safely and comfortably. Well, we do have like them here also, such care givers really do a lot of help. When our grandma had a serious fall and is now undergoing therapy, they're the ones for support. Our family is thankful to them.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yes or No?

I am undecided yet but thinking of applying a payday advance loan again since am only about one payment and am over it! It was made last year for our trip in Philippines i just wanted to have extra money in my wallet so i don't have to worry if we are over the budget or not. What i like about payday loan is you can lend money until your next payday as long you have a regular income you can loan up to a thousand or so. It is so easy to apply and they get you approve by tomorrow. So if you have an emergency or just wants to have extra money that day just apply for an advance payday loan. Now am so tempted to apply again! LOL.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dada's Project

I guess It is a normal thing for little girls to love princess stuff... well who doesn't want to be a princess right? in her own good way though! Anyways, our little 2year old baby girl has this fascination with princess stuff lately. I don't know why but her weakness is about princesses she won't throw a fits or argue whenever i get her ready like changing clothes and stuff like that momshe will just say "it's princess dress or princess shoes she'll be in a hurry with open arms to get dress! haha. So to make my long story short we decided to get her a princess bed since she sleep all alone in a bed for a 2year old dad gonna build her a customized bed and this is what we had in mind. Oh she was so excited just to see it in the picture i can't wait when daddy finished it! Bet she'll be ear to ear smile! lol.

Control and Discipline

You know what's the best and easiest ways to suppress your appetite? I think the top answers would be control, discipline and do not indulge! But that's so easy to say than do isn't it? This morning we headed up to post office to sent some boxes and just go straight to get something to eat for lunch at the Mexican place and again I've eaten more than i could chew kidding aside but was so stuffed. Mexican food were so good and hard to just stares at the plate, i guess i need to really control my appetite for me to lose weight have to start drinking my coffee again so i am confident not to crave anything!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Friday is always the entire families day, the king of the house (Dad) is inviting us to go for lunch again in their home cooking up barbecues, potatoes, burgers and all that kinda of stuff yummy and very enjoyable to get to see the whole family is chilling out just enjoy the lunch picnic. Lately he's been doing it frequently last week Monday we had it also and now again, lol! Am not complaining am just happy and excited i always love this kind of hang outs! Anyway, last cooked out i told mom i am gonna bake a cake but am too young to remember and it was forgotten, duh! But this time am making up so here i am baking the chocolate cake for our desserts later on. Wink! I just love when weekend comes! Yay!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead everybody!! Have FUN in the sun while summer last!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

In a cup of coffee

There's happiness. I used to dislike coffee before, thinking that only the oldies can appreciate it or those stressed out and insomniacs. Totally different now. I just love the smell of coffee in the morning. It perks up my day and lights the spirit. The delightful taste and aroma soothes every single cell of my being, lol! Seriously, now I can't last a day without coffee. My favorite of course is the good-old-classic hot brew. And lately cappuccino. And who doesn't like mocha and ice coffee? It's a new way to enjoy coffee nowadays, it's so refreshing! Wish I have one of those saeco espresso machines so I can have a cup of cappuccino or latte beverage in a snap!

There are coffee makers and machines available at SeattleCoffeeGear and I must say their prices are affordable. Depending on the product of course. They have a huge selection of coffee makers, grinders, roasters, brewers, and so much more! There's one around 200 bucks, I want something like that here at the house so I can sip my espresso anytime I want to. Bet the husband likes the idea too. By the way, they also have those manual machines as well, much cheaper actually.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am fine either we are moving to Florida or stays here for another year or so. Is just we all ready to move but the situation that we are right now business wise is not permitted us to go just yet! We are still 100% decided to move however it is a matter of WHEN? We prioritized the business before anything else and somebody wants it but the terms and conditions are not complimenting each other and PIL won't take any risk to compromised his own interest and so on so fort! Anyway, even though we won't move to the sunshine state am still excited because we still going to visit there soon and go fishing that's the reason why i am browsing the orlando fishing guide or Key West that are the top destination we are gonna go. Orlando is where to the sea world and Disney world! And Key West perhaps is what the friend of dad in law invited us! It would be fun am sure just the thought of it makes me smile! So even we don't really live there just yet but we still going there for a family vacation still happy! Wink!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Just can't resist

I thought this dress is superb i love it a lot so i ended up purchasing it! But here's the catch though am not guilty of having this because i got it in pretty great deal... it was like $50 for a price down to $15.99 only! Not so bad huh? So with open mind and close eyes i click the checkout button and tahhnahh the only dress left is mind! LOL. Can not wait to gets here i have a matching wedge for it already! Twink.

By the way to see great shopping deals and trendy stuff that i personally picks for you... Visit my Shela's Shopping For Less Blog and see you there! Ciao

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lets Exercise!

Time for my early morning exercise... but i will start at 6:30 am so i still have minutes to chitchat here for a little bit! lol. So anyway, I've been doing this for a week now since my time schedule required me to get up at 6 in the morning almost every day so might as well thought of getting my exercise done after my errand at 6. While the kids and husband still asleep it would be perfect time for me to do my thingy! Feeling so great afterwards doing my treadmill first and go straight to my 75-100 counts abs exercise using my abs rocket. When i did this lately in the morning i feel so energetic the the entire rest of the day which is so great! Isn't it? so will do this time management until i get my body weight goal back! Promised. Twink!

Have a wonderful morning ahead guys! well, it's time now, c yah!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Move that Junk

'Nothing's permanent but change,' so as the saying goes. But change is a welcome idea, if it's for the better right? The same thing goes when we talk about moving to another place, a city or country maybe. Pretty much there would be mix emotions, fear, doubt, hope, and excitement. Also the very thought of moving everything is a hassle. And how about those junks? I mean, sometimes in life we just wanna throw away everything and start anew. Who would pick up those junks for us? Well, 1800 Got Junk does the job. Literally, they're the world's largest junk removal service company. They have their office in Chicago, anyone who lives around the area better keep their link. Anyway, they offer junk removal services like appliance removal Chicago, computer recycling, furniture removal, and more.

If you want your old stuff like electronics, tiles, debris, yard waste completely disappear, just call them. Visit them online and request for a free quote on appliance removal Chicago or their other services. The nice thing with this one is that they ensure their clients that your junk gets recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly. That's really cool! I wonder if we have something like this in TN, would probably ask them to take our junk once we moved. Hmmm

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thought of...

Getting a new one just like this! This is one of the mini portables Compaq netbook i was bugging about to the husband. I miss my old laptop but the little boy broke it for quite sometimes now and since then i have a thought of purchasing even just a mini one like netbook for travelling purposes and it is easy to carry with us anywhere we go. I think this is really i need it's affordable and so friendly to my budget right now. Not to mention i like it a lot! Its stylish with sleek design. I wonder if they have my favorite color... which is RED! Will definitely convince the husband then! Hmm.. will check it out!

It's Taraffic!

It's terrific i mean traffic, lol! This was the longest traffic we've ever been in here that's all the way further than we view on the picture. We don't know what exactly going on up there might be constructions or a car broke but they've created bumper to bumper lines! We waited for 30 minutes at least we are moving like below zero mph though. The bad thing was we didn't meant to be in this high way, husband did a wrong turn and that's what happened we don't pay attention where we supposed to go well we are depending on our GPS but even the gadget still messed up! Whew! Charge to experience we know better than that. Well, at least i managed to take my picture takings here and there while waiting! :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In my Mail Box

Good morning! How's every one's morning so far? for me I've been busy since 6 o'clock going here and there i mean getting up to go help our grama in her morning routine, then at 9 i went back to change her, then went to postal service to send some mails and a package! Whew busy huh! But now it's time for me to sit back and relax but though while relaxing am sorting our mails that just got from the mailbox! Got so bunch to get rid of and few to check it over. Have one here that's about a rv travel emergency wish we have a recreational vehicle right now this offer could be a big help! It's all about when you are on the road and get an accident or road break and when you are with them they got you covered from here and onward. It is nice just like we have in our car insurance whenever we have problems on the road they will back up you 24/7.

Well, will leave for now and gonna continue my sorting here away from the monitor so i get the errand done faster! Wink. Have a good one all!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Fragrant

I love the scent of this VS's fragrant collection that I've been using for quite awhile now. when it comes to perfumes and colognes my skin gets irritated whenever i use different brands besides Avon and this very sexy spray mist! Picky picky picky huh! But been using Avon products for years and have few perfumes from Avon but just wanting to try different brand that won't hurt my skin and people's noses, lol. So i found this very sexy sheer mist 3 years ago - It has a very light sheer sexy fragrance and it stays to you all day, the scent is like floral oriental which is the kind of scent i really really like! Got a lot of compliments when i wear the mist so thought i will stick with her for awhile, haha! Honestly, I hate the strong granny smell that mostly stores aisle have, guess you know what i mean feels like it stuck in their cabinets for decades! Wink.

A homemaker's thingy

They say that the busiest, most difficult, yet most fulfilling and beautiful job in the world is that of a homemaker. I must agree! Being a wife and a mommy, we need to joggle a lot of things at the same time, all the time. But when we see our family growing stronger and happier everyday, it's worth it all. Well yeah it's not easy managing a household. We need to play different roles to meet the needs. But sure it's fun too. I like it a lot when I have to be a designer, I mean, it's in the hands of the mother on how she'll fix everything in the house, from the interior to the exterior. Speaking of, am kinda excited because as you know we are moving hopefully this year. It'll be fun working on a new house, new rooms, and my favorite part- kitchen. Will be very excited to shop for kitchen decor and kitchen curtains. Found really awesome items at, their bamboo grommet panel & valance caught my eyes! It's so neat and chic, perfect for a beach house I guess.

As early as now, I already have a dream kitchen in mind, lol! I'd like it either red or purple. Brylanehome's purple passion collection for the kitchen is so pretty. Who wouldn't want a purple goblet set, a purple dinnerware and cookware set, purple teapot other so forth. It seems like you have a royal kitchen, very pretty and classy. Anyway, they have huge discounts on plenty of items right now so just visit their website and browse. Enjoy shopping mommies, it's one of those things we do best. Winks!

Sea Creatures

Taken from the Aquarium we visited couple weeks ago and my entry for BMM. Kiddos had the blast and the best time of their lives. My boy still keep talking about his trip to the aquarium and the lil girl has her souvenir Nemo fish stuffed toy. These are one of the best moments we will keep forever!

Smiling Sally