Friday, April 29, 2011

He'll gonna love this!

OMG! Son shouldn't see this otherwise he will ask us to get him one! Am talking about this step stools this is really perfect it will match to his car bed that he just have! Son loves cars and he is going gaga about them, haha! Actually this is cute! They also have the step stools with handles for oldies. Anyway, I'm really thinking of getting this for my son well the price is right it's not that expensive and you can see it is worth the buy for our little ones isn't it mommies?? lol.


Just to letting you know that finally the PURSE that i was giving away last month is on the way to the lucky winner from Philippines. I know and she knows as well that the shipping time will going to take a lil while but gladly Ms.Rechie is so patient and patiently just waiting on her prize. I can't wait to see her carrying the pretty purse hope she'll post it on her blog so i can see it! Am just happy to see that somehow i can make somebody happy too just like being generous. That's my traits ever since. Now am ready to my second giveaway thingy! You better watch out guys!


My husband's niece is a graduate of 2011 and we are all excited and happy for her that finally she made it! My sister in-law is throwing her a graduation party two weeks from now and we kinda talk of making a personalized cakes for her. Can't wait also to purchase a gift for her, personal gifts for graduates is the best place to get it because they have all the unique stuff there it's really perfect for the special occasion you getting the gifts for. So anyway, 2 weeks is not very long to wait so might get going and buy our present for Heather. I'm super excited also for the beautiful cake that sissy and I is going to make on her special day!

Skin care

I was watching early this morning a paid programming infomercial of beauty and such. Seems the products they're endorsing are really true actually am tempted to try it one of this days because i know am not getting any younger and eventually i need some skin care protection and one i considered is the blackhead remover i noticed i have few already and it is visible when you really see through the mirror and focus it! So i mus have to get some blackheads removal better ahead than later right!


Hello everyone! Am back in blogging after 4days of busyness. Since Monday we're all like busy as bee until now though we're done on tiles our kitchen and dining rooms looks even more nicer after tiled up! Was helping the husband for 3days today is our last day my job was putting stuff organized after everything was put away to places glad even though i was so tired for couple of day I've managed to still cleaned the messed we did! But just like i just said it is worth the time and effort and am so proud of myself this is my first time to handle a job like this and i did it like a professional handyman, LOL yay me! I need a treat from the husband! Wink.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hi there!

Before checking this social security disability @ allsup, let me ask how's everybody's weekend so far? Ours is great. Tax time was over, at least the hectic and super busy days for everybody in the office is over. We had a wonderful dinner last day of tax time with all the staff and the kids were along with us. It feels good to finally relax and take things slow but not that slow we are going busy in other things again. Spring is here so we might go for a short vacation too. I still dunno if our Florida trip will push through, but I'm quite sure there are better plans and better reasons so let's wait and see. Anyway, I need to check this site because i have a friend who asking me about this stuff might as well i have ideas about it!

So, how's everyone been doing lately? Oh might as well visit your blogs after this and find out. Winks!

Blue Monday - Blue Sky

Smiling Sally

We had a BBQ day couple days ago and took advantage to snap shots of the sunny blue sky perfect for my Blue Monday Meme. Wink! Am so inspired right now to take photographs of everything but my frustration right now is the nature and flowers. Take a peek of my Photography here and feel free.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

On subwoofers

You looking for nice, quality, dynamic sound for amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers? The one with no distortion, boominess, and has a smooth performance? J&R is the place to go! They provide the best in electronics, computers, gadgets, and more to customers with great prices, security, and service. Well if you can't go personally to their store, you can check'em online and see their wide selection. Been wanting to buy a new speaker for my desktop, let's see if I can find a great deal here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Shoes

Just love the new shoes that i purchased can't get enough of it! haha can't wait either to wear tonight a very special occasion to attend, we are celebrating the commemoration of Christ death in our kingdom hall annually. Anyway just a thought of wearing this sandal of mine, like it alot because it is so summer style and very comfy and the heels are not so high it's just 3.5 in" heels so i can managed em good..;-)!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

My lil girl just turn 2 several days ago yet she is so miss fashionista! She loves dresses, hats and shoes and not to mentioned purses! She is my walking dolly and i enjoy dressing her up ofcourse... no wonder huh! lol. My entry for this week's Ruby Tuesday meme.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

purse update

Before checking some cheap car insurance quotes, let me first update you with my purse winner. Glad to know that she was so happy and at cloud 9! I contacted her couple of days ago and she'll be expecting her price on the last week of April. I bet she'll love the pink purse cause it's so dainty. I haven't joined a contest yet and wonder how exciting it is to win a price. By the way I'm serious with my query, what's a better giveaway for my next treat? A chic watch or a killer heels? I value your inputs guys, thanks in advance! And so back to my purposed here, am looking for cheap car insurance quotes for me because I soon to own a car...haha! finally i decided and determine to learn how to drive this time it is a must to know that u can managed a ride here in US! Plus am excited just to have an either new or used car! lol.

Good morning world!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kurdapyo's Eyes

Aren't they gorgeous?? Even us are amused by his eyes! Those perfect long eye lashes and those green hazel eyes makes me wish to have one! He got his eyes from his Dada as well the long eyelashes but he has this exaggerated lashes for a 4year old kid. Everybody's first impression to him is always... "wow, look at his eyes"! When i was pregnant to him i been stalking his father's eyelashes. I had bad motives whenever his Dada was asleep in the back of my mind was telling how i wish to put mascaras on his daddy's long lashes but that's impossible and never gonna happen so my frustration was... just staring my husbands eyes 24/! Funny and weird but it was true! It's ironic right? because he got the thing i was crazy about when i was pregnant with him! Well, even though am so frustrated of not having the lashes that my baby boy has that we all know every women wants, am still happy and proud that my lil boy got the one thing that i am most love to noticed first in a person. The beautiful eyes! ;-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

For outdoors

Since gardening time is fast approaching we kinda busy getting ready of everything that we need in beatifying our yards as you all know we are moving soon or in no time we make sure our property is eye catching to the prospective buyers so to start with that fixing some flaws in and out of the house including the is a must. Husband is in-charge of manly work meanwhile i take the in- charge of designing and the stuff. One of our lists is outdoor lighting for the front, we had already at back and i guess puting a decorative lighting at front is wonderful idea it will add a nice touch on the front view of the house just like i saw on big beautiful houses in the neighborhood. Wink!

In What Language Do Babies Cry?

Another fact on babies. Stated that from as early as the second day of life, babies cry to the tune of their mother tongue, according to researchers from W├╝rzburg University, in Germany. The researchers recorded the cries of 30 French and 30 German newborns, analyzing frequency, melodic patterns, and pitch. The cries of French babies often began on a lower pitch and then moved higher, while those of German babies often began higher and then became lower. In both cases, the babies were mimicking melody patterns typical of the languages of their parents. Hence, it is believed that language development starts in the womb and that a baby’s language starts with its earliest cries.