Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy! I'm talking about my one and only child who i dearly love and he is my little guy. In this picture he look so good boy in fairness he is the sweetest boy most of the time although in some moments or scenario he is kinda stubborn but i guess its a baby nature! hard to believed i have a grown up little boy, who is so curious of everything! he is 13months old already and very energetic. Doesn't want mommy to hold him and i missed that so much but anyhow if he is tired or sleepy he just want his mommy to cuddle him and hug him to the hardest lol! I love my boy so very much.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Inflatable adventure

My son is growing fast seems just when i gave birth to him and now he is so energetic as a toddler. We love him so much and we trying our best to make him always happy. One thing he loved is to go out for an adventure or go somewhere places! ohhh he enjoys it so much. So mama and dada have plans to go out of town getaway either Florida or California. Another good thing if we go to California is we can visit my aunt &uncle with their son just 5mo older than my boy. Exciting they can spend time with each other.And I am excited about our up coming trip because I just know that up there, has lots of things to see one of those is an inflatable party rentals since kids loved adventure and everything. Inflatable Party Rentals San Diego is perfect for our fun time together. I learned that, at is serving through out the states just like Inflatable Party Rentals Sacramento and Inflatable Party Rentals Los Angeles as well Reno Nevada from slides, rides and games they have all kinds of child's play that for sure kids will really have fun.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I want to thank laradee and jerla for this neat tag!! and gives us more links! appreciate you guys... its my time to share to my hubby shawn, ana, saves, jewel and who ever feels like it just grab it fwends!

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1. Answer the Kid’s Question by Gregory Stock, PH.D. Remember: Don’t respond as you think others want you to. Respond the way you actually feel!
2. Add your name (linked to your blog)
3. Tag everybody else!

Kid’s Question #1:If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

Please answer the question and put your name and link after.

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My Answer:If I were the ruler of the world.. hmmm i don't know what to say because it's a tough job to be a ruler specially in the world! my goodness!lol

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tips for Mothers

How to help your Children Develop a Love for Reading Mommies?
I think this could help us!

  • Set an example by reading regularly yourself. Parents who read are likely to have children who read.
  • Talk to your baby from his infancy. Exposure to meaningful language helps children understand words and concepts that will make learning to read easier.
  • Read to your children regularly. When held on the lap and read to, infants get the message that words and books are good, even when they are not yet old enough to understand the story being read. Continue to read to your children after they have learned to read for themselves. Schoolteachers help children learn how to read, but parents can do much to help them enjoy reading. Children enjoy hearing their favorite stories over and over again.
  • Have books available for your children to read at home.
  • Encourage your children to write. A child who writes is usually a reader also.
  • Choose a definite daily period for family reading. take turns reading, and then discuss the material together. These times should be enjoyable and up building.

Not just for mothers though as well for fathers!


Being a full time is a though job! I'm sure mother's like me out there agree? We are the supermama in our own way. We do lots of things for the household like cooking, chores and taking care for our little ones and hubby of course. I used to be an easy go lucky girl because i depend all to my mom about things this and that, well we have different assignments in doing household yet it is very different when you have your own family now, before as we grew up we have kinda yaya just assisting us hehe but here in USA not applicable.

So I personally work 24/7 aside my blogging thing because i want to make sure everything is good and organized, and i can't take it if things are not inplace i get grouchy! though i have some more patching up to do here and there. I tell you being a full time mom a homemaker is really hectic good thing i am managing my time quite well i don't engage to much in one time we need to relax though! for our own good. I'm trying not to be haggard lol yikes! Just now I realized how much a mother important to our lives hehe with out them the household won't be complete. Mabuhay talaga ang mga mommy!!! haha.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who has the most Children?

Do you wanna know which nation has the highest fertility rate in the world? According to the United Nations, in first place is Rwanda, where women of childbearing age give birth on the average, to 8.5 children each. Next come Malawi with 7.6 children, Cote d'ivoire with 7.4, and Uganda with 7.3. This places seems not really on the developing country i guess they doesn't care of family planning or even aware of that.

Basically the world average is 3.3 children, that's for most regular family where ever! while for developed countries really it is 1.9. Surprisingly, the nation with the lowest fertility rate in world, with only 1.3 children per woman of childbearing age, is once prolific Italy. Gone are the days when it wad common for an Italian Italian family to have three, four, five or more children. Evidently, the times have also passed in which Italians or even most of common family followed the instructions with regard to use birth control and contraception. Especially now a days everything are getting higher and expensive! we should have always put first the family planning isn't right?

Worldwide Link Love

Thank you jerla for taggin me... actually you are the third place who tag me this hehe!

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Im tagging you guys who will read and visit here! you must grab it lol!

Monday, April 14, 2008

caffeine kids

I Learned some things on an article i was reading it all about caffeine on children, how does it affect the and what is with the caffeine to the kids. I agree with the issue and affected since i am a mother now i just want the best for my son. Talking about his food or what he eats I'm kinda... shall we say picky. We're very strict, hubby and I to not giving him our son any caffeinated thing yet, because we know what will going to happen on his early age if his caffeine intake is high.
This was I've learned and might as well share it to you mommies out there!

"Children who are inattentive, fidgety, easily distracted and impulsive might be suffering from high caffeine intake, says tufts university diet&nutrition letter. For a 40pound child, "a can of cola plus just a half a cup of iced yea is the equivalent of three cups of coffee" for an adult. The article referred to research by Mitchell Schare, a psychology professor at Hofstra university, that showed that many of the symptoms of high caffeine intake in children mimic symptoms of such conditions as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Before you decide your restless or jumpy youngster has such a problem, it added, you might find the solution to the fidgetiness as simple as curtailing cola and tea consumption.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cleanliness - why so important??

I already post this to my Go confidently blog.. Im thinking i gonna posted here as well! this very important topic. There is a saying "health is wealth" So how we can get a healthy living? the answer is very simple... maintain a good and clean environment! keeping things clean is cheaper than buying medicine. However maintaining cleanliness is not that easy especially when you are under the condition of poor surroundings we know its difficult and a challenging. Still, always put in mine it is worth the effort.

Soap and water and a little extra work are cheaper than medicine and hospital bills, isn't it right?. If you live in such an environment that is difficult to maintain the proper sanitation as far as possible, keep your own house and yard clean and free of animal droppings. Because as we know animal dirt's is one of the big time causes of germs! Then if your path to your home tends to get muddy during rainy periods, you could put down gravel or stones to help keep mud out of the house. If shoes or sandals are used, these be removed before the wearer enters the home, or you can assign a certain place or area for shoes and sandals to put into. Also, you must keep your water supply free from contamination. It is estimated that at least 2 millions death per year are due to decease associated with dirty water and poor sanitation.

Another are should be consider is the bathroom and toilet, whether inside or outside the dwelling it should be disinfected. Because if toilet area is not kept clean and covered, flies will gather there and spread germs to other areas of home and of course onto the food we eat! It's really scary. More further, children and adult should wash hands after visiting this area, always don't forget! otherwise we bring germs back with us on our skin. I remember once in a public toilet, hubby mentioned a guy didn't do anything he just go straight outside without washing my goodness that is gross! According to french Doctor, hand washing " is still the best guarantees for the preventions of certain digestive, respiratory or skin infections." So, we should take note of that!

A clean home depends on every one of us- mother, father,children and visitors. We should learned how to do our part, because a clean tidy home will reflects well on the whole family there is no exemption. A Spanish proverbs states, " there is no conflict between poverty and cleanliness." So whether one lives in a mansion, an apartment, a humble home, or a shack, cleanliness is a key to a healthier individuals.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What children need from Parents?

All parents participate in an event that is beyond full human understanding. Parents each contribute a part of themselves. As result what develops within a mother is a fully formed living person. It's not surprising therefore, that when baby is born.. people speak of the event as " miracle of birth."

Of course, producing children is only the beginning of the responsibility of parents. At first, babies are almost entirely dependent, but as they grow, they need more than physical attention. They need help to develop mentally, emotionally, morally, and spiritually.

To realize wholesome development, children especially need the LOVE of parents. Although verbal expressions of love are important, action need to back up the words. Yes, children need a good parental example. they need moral guidance, principles by which to live. And they need there from their tender years on. Heartbreaking things can and do happen when children do not receive help until it is too late.

So parents like me lets teach our children and mold them in a good shape from the start. The best and right principle can be found in the bible and educate them to the best of our ability.. by
giving them the right path to follow. It is very advantage when using the bible when disciplining our children because this will help them to follow such good instruction to take along with them.