Thursday, October 6, 2011

Colors Speak

We have the choice to color our world, and those choices we make speaks so much about ourselves. I read an article about the colors we paint in our homes, what those hues saying and what does it reveals about us. Let me share it here.

Warm colors
  • Orange is “the color of warmth.” It has a cheery feel.
  • Red is “the color of vitality, literally representing blood and symbolically representing the heart.”
  • Yellow is “the color of the sun.” “It’s the brightest color at maximum saturation, appearing brighter even than white.”

Cool colors
  • Blue symbolizes “the purity of a clear blue sky.” “It feels uncluttered and evokes clarity and stability.”
  • Green is “the most abundant color in our natural environment, so it conveys a feeling of comfort and friendliness.”
  • Violet symbolizes “extravagance and royalty.” In the form of a rich purple, “it is a dramatic and sensual color.”
Well our kitchen is _Hunter Green_, our living room is _White_, my son's room is __Blue&Green__, and my daughter's room is _Pink&Purple___. You see, I love my world to be colorful.