Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dada's Project

I guess It is a normal thing for little girls to love princess stuff... well who doesn't want to be a princess right? in her own good way though! Anyways, our little 2year old baby girl has this fascination with princess stuff lately. I don't know why but her weakness is about princesses she won't throw a fits or argue whenever i get her ready like changing clothes and stuff like that momshe will just say "it's princess dress or princess shoes she'll be in a hurry with open arms to get dress! haha. So to make my long story short we decided to get her a princess bed since she sleep all alone in a bed for a 2year old dad gonna build her a customized bed and this is what we had in mind. Oh she was so excited just to see it in the picture i can't wait when daddy finished it! Bet she'll be ear to ear smile! lol.


reyapot said...

wow nice! can't wait to see it too! hehehe..

krizza said...

This one is pretty nice! Awesome design! Have a great day! :)

vicy said...

Awww! It is very nice room of your princess sis. Love it!


Mommy Liz said...

This is so cute, so girly girl. I have 2 girls and I painted their room violet and they loved it. I need to have it fixed next year since they wrote on the wall, wahhhh!

thanks for the visit..