Friday, November 25, 2011

No Black Friday....

.. Shopping for me because the husband already got me a thing, lol! My washing machine got messed up so i have no choice to tell him and he decided to get a new one and of course dryer should be replace as well for them to match. In my pleasant surprised the stuff he got is really what i love because they are in my favorite color!!! wanna guess? haha! It's RED baby! Been longing to have a matching washer and dryer in this color and now just the timely manner. Couldn't ask for more i thank my husband for thinking of me always! So sweet of him! I am totally fine even i can not get to spend my shopping spree on a black Friday deals b'coz i already got more what i expected. Wink wink!


Wong Cerbon said...

Congratulations ... because you have a good husband and understanding.

Princess Sarah said...

You're blessed, thanks for the visit, sis.

His Unfailing Love

Melodygem's World

zuiyanhong said...

Haha! What a lucky mom.
Your husband is truly caring and considerate.