Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am fine either we are moving to Florida or stays here for another year or so. Is just we all ready to move but the situation that we are right now business wise is not permitted us to go just yet! We are still 100% decided to move however it is a matter of WHEN? We prioritized the business before anything else and somebody wants it but the terms and conditions are not complimenting each other and PIL won't take any risk to compromised his own interest and so on so fort! Anyway, even though we won't move to the sunshine state am still excited because we still going to visit there soon and go fishing that's the reason why i am browsing the orlando fishing guide or Key West that are the top destination we are gonna go. Orlando is where to the sea world and Disney world! And Key West perhaps is what the friend of dad in law invited us! It would be fun am sure just the thought of it makes me smile! So even we don't really live there just yet but we still going there for a family vacation still happy! Wink!