Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just loving it!

It was a great weekend for us. Went to the mall the other day and grab a new fancy, mini pool for the kids. It was on sale so we hurriedly grab one. The kids were so ecstatic for they just love to swim and spend the entire afternoon at the backyard wet and wild, lol! Of course I joined them. The husband was the one busy taking pictures of us, as you can see my previous post! I just love how our family is getting stronger and happier each time. Our children is definitely our source of joy, nothing compares! Anyway, now am just lazing around, doing my thing online. Then came to drop by at CP Toys website and just loving everything I'm seeing here. They offer a unique mix of quality products like childrens play furniture, educational toys for kids like puzzles, building blocks, kitchen play and so much more!

I so want this dance-with-me-doll for the little girl. Got to just slip this doll's elastic strap over her shoes and hand in hand they will dance away. I bet the daughter will adore her, dressed in a pretty, fun tutus. Can't wait to have this soon. Hopefully we can also get a piano, or a mini drum set for the boy. It'll be cool if he'll know to play some musical instrument right? Really like this shop a lot! And their prices are budget-friendly, good news to mommies like me. Winks!