Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dance Party

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

My niece told me that for her seventh birthday, she wants to come over to my house and have a dance party with her friends. I do not have kids of my own, but I adore my niece, so if she wants to have a dance party, then I am going to give her one rocking party. I have already thought about the music. We have several music channels from direct.TV that will be perfect to dance to. I am pretty sure that the food will be simple because my niece has requested pizza. My sister was a little worried when my niece told her that she wanted her party to be at my house instead of hers. I told her that it is probably just a phase she is going through, but secretly I like having her to myself. I told her that she and her friends can spend the night at my house after the dance party if they want to. I would like to have kids of my own someday, but for now I think I will just spend time spoiling my niece.