Friday, October 14, 2011

Maid of Honor

I can't help to get excite when thinking of the wedding next year my brother in law and a Filipina friend who lives in my parents house getting married! It's wonderful to see how they met and fall in love to each other. One of the things we look forward to is her coming here to reunite him and so everyone is looking forward to it! I will be there maid of honor and husband is my best man! I have vision what dress i wanted also its gonna be a long and elegant dress but i still working on to shred excess weight until the big day come, lol! This is one of the dress i kinda like it so far but it is in purple! Wink!


simply kim said...

cool dress!

KM said...

my wedding gown has a similar neck line, only mine has a deeper plunge ;)

rona said...

so cute. just right in time to remind me of what style i'm gonna wear for our wedding reception in my husband's place. excited much!

been here. i'll be adding your blog to my blogroll now. hope you do the same.


rona said...

check out this link: