Thursday, September 29, 2011

On general cleaning

Just chatted with my sister yesterday and talked about the coming month of October. You see, it's such a special month for us because it's our parents anniversary. I told my sister not to tell mom and dad about our plans and all. Anyway she told me our older brother is going home too, with his wife so it'll be a good timing. Now she'll have to do a general cleaning in the house. Got to put new curtains and bedding, new linoleum for the floor, change rugs, etc.

Speaking of rugs, I found gorgeous ones at The Rugs Warehouse. Wow, I just fell in love with their designs. The bizarre circles are so adorable, looks like candies on the floor! Gotta find something like this in the local store and wait for a good deal. Am also thinking of sending some in the Philippines, just too heavy though to put in the box! Anyway, October is very much fast-approaching. Hope everything will go smoothly as planned. As for my sister, well she loves cleaning the house big time. It's like a therapy for her. Wish you can clean my place here too sissy, I need your service. LOL!


simply kim said...

love rugs myself!

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