Thursday, December 1, 2011

Perhaps soon

I'm so eager to start a business soon, in the Philippines though. I've discussed it with my father already and both of us are excited. But am not gonna go into the details until we're officially running, lol! Just to give you a hint, we might need some POS system software to help our business perform well. I'm really hoping for our plans to push through. On a second note, I really should be take a break today because for tonight's meeting. Need to catch up some sleep because I was like awake the whole evening yesterday because of too much caffeine intake. So before insomnia hits me again, should fix my sleeping patterns and that means going to bed early! Right?



Same here po. If I drink coffee I can't sleep because of the caffeine. I like your blogs po. I have followed you and link your blogs to mine :D have a nice day!

Shela said...

thank you girl see you around!!!