Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Be wise, money-wise!

The Great Recession that started in the U.S had become so severe and is now affecting many countries. The blame may go to irresponsible borrowing, buying things for which people are unable to pay. Financial problems arise if one fails to set priorities, plan ahead, and manage money wisely. But to those who are in debt already, just what can they do? Applying for a loan can be the answer but it has to be legitimate. Through banks and trusted credit companies. But sometimes though, what adds to the stress is not the debt but the debt collection harassment. Here's a useful information, under the law, a debt collector cannot call you repeatedly, call you at inconvenient times/places, use abusive language, threaten to take action that cannot be taken legally, and so forth. By the way is a website which provide assistance to debtors against debt collections abuse.

If you want to stop collection calls and stop debt collectors from bugging you, just visit them online and request for a free case review. It's hard being in debt, heart ache and headache, sleepless nights, and stress. But there is definitely a way out. Manage finances wisely and sticking to your budget do a lot of help. Especially to mommies like me, it's our job to take care of the budget after all.


It's just Wednesday but for me feels like Friday already for so much things i for the past couple of days the time flew by so quickly! I haven't manage to come by to my blogs due to my schedule the husband and I just finished the project he had for out little girl last night but before that like what i said my days were gone quickly two days in a row i was all over the house cleaning, errands and doing my daily chores! I got done painting yesterday night her closet and her bed cases we slept so late last night as well just to make and see the finish product done! However everything so worth it seeing the little girl's reaction the excitement in her eyes, her giggled and her ear to ear smiles was amazing every soreness and tiredness we both had was gone! And today is another day for me! Still not done with cleaning.

Have a great long weekdays for me and you! wink!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

care for the elderly

One fact in life is that we all grow old and eventually need the assistance of others for we can't do things on our own. It would be nice growing old with a companion but sometimes, some people just face it alone. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes the only option left is to bring the elderly in a nursing home. They will be taken care of really well at those retirement centers. But personally speaking, I really admire those families whose taking care of their elderly family member. It's a commitment that no matter what, they'll stick it out. It's no easy job at all. The good thing is that home care service by professionals are very much available these days. Something like Visiting Angels at NJ, they provide NJ senior care and assistance needed to help adults or the elderly retain their independence with the help of their trained nursing aids.

Inviting someone into our home, taking care of our loved ones is a serious matter, so we should look for those trusted ones only. The same thing goes if an elderly lives alone, he/she must be careful in choosing a trusted home care service. Visiting Angels, a New Jersey elder care center, proving true to its name, offers assistance and helping seniors age in place, safely and comfortably. Well, we do have like them here also, such care givers really do a lot of help. When our grandma had a serious fall and is now undergoing therapy, they're the ones for support. Our family is thankful to them.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yes or No?

I am undecided yet but thinking of applying a payday advance loan again since am only about one payment and am over it! It was made last year for our trip in Philippines i just wanted to have extra money in my wallet so i don't have to worry if we are over the budget or not. What i like about payday loan is you can lend money until your next payday as long you have a regular income you can loan up to a thousand or so. It is so easy to apply and they get you approve by tomorrow. So if you have an emergency or just wants to have extra money that day just apply for an advance payday loan. Now am so tempted to apply again! LOL.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dada's Project

I guess It is a normal thing for little girls to love princess stuff... well who doesn't want to be a princess right? in her own good way though! Anyways, our little 2year old baby girl has this fascination with princess stuff lately. I don't know why but her weakness is about princesses she won't throw a fits or argue whenever i get her ready like changing clothes and stuff like that momshe will just say "it's princess dress or princess shoes she'll be in a hurry with open arms to get dress! haha. So to make my long story short we decided to get her a princess bed since she sleep all alone in a bed for a 2year old dad gonna build her a customized bed and this is what we had in mind. Oh she was so excited just to see it in the picture i can't wait when daddy finished it! Bet she'll be ear to ear smile! lol.

Control and Discipline

You know what's the best and easiest ways to suppress your appetite? I think the top answers would be control, discipline and do not indulge! But that's so easy to say than do isn't it? This morning we headed up to post office to sent some boxes and just go straight to get something to eat for lunch at the Mexican place and again I've eaten more than i could chew kidding aside but was so stuffed. Mexican food were so good and hard to just stares at the plate, i guess i need to really control my appetite for me to lose weight have to start drinking my coffee again so i am confident not to crave anything!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Friday is always the entire families day, the king of the house (Dad) is inviting us to go for lunch again in their home cooking up barbecues, potatoes, burgers and all that kinda of stuff yummy and very enjoyable to get to see the whole family is chilling out just enjoy the lunch picnic. Lately he's been doing it frequently last week Monday we had it also and now again, lol! Am not complaining am just happy and excited i always love this kind of hang outs! Anyway, last cooked out i told mom i am gonna bake a cake but am too young to remember and it was forgotten, duh! But this time am making up so here i am baking the chocolate cake for our desserts later on. Wink! I just love when weekend comes! Yay!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead everybody!! Have FUN in the sun while summer last!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

In a cup of coffee

There's happiness. I used to dislike coffee before, thinking that only the oldies can appreciate it or those stressed out and insomniacs. Totally different now. I just love the smell of coffee in the morning. It perks up my day and lights the spirit. The delightful taste and aroma soothes every single cell of my being, lol! Seriously, now I can't last a day without coffee. My favorite of course is the good-old-classic hot brew. And lately cappuccino. And who doesn't like mocha and ice coffee? It's a new way to enjoy coffee nowadays, it's so refreshing! Wish I have one of those saeco espresso machines so I can have a cup of cappuccino or latte beverage in a snap!

There are coffee makers and machines available at SeattleCoffeeGear and I must say their prices are affordable. Depending on the product of course. They have a huge selection of coffee makers, grinders, roasters, brewers, and so much more! There's one around 200 bucks, I want something like that here at the house so I can sip my espresso anytime I want to. Bet the husband likes the idea too. By the way, they also have those manual machines as well, much cheaper actually.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am fine either we are moving to Florida or stays here for another year or so. Is just we all ready to move but the situation that we are right now business wise is not permitted us to go just yet! We are still 100% decided to move however it is a matter of WHEN? We prioritized the business before anything else and somebody wants it but the terms and conditions are not complimenting each other and PIL won't take any risk to compromised his own interest and so on so fort! Anyway, even though we won't move to the sunshine state am still excited because we still going to visit there soon and go fishing that's the reason why i am browsing the orlando fishing guide or Key West that are the top destination we are gonna go. Orlando is where to the sea world and Disney world! And Key West perhaps is what the friend of dad in law invited us! It would be fun am sure just the thought of it makes me smile! So even we don't really live there just yet but we still going there for a family vacation still happy! Wink!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Just can't resist

I thought this dress is superb i love it a lot so i ended up purchasing it! But here's the catch though am not guilty of having this because i got it in pretty great deal... it was like $50 for a price down to $15.99 only! Not so bad huh? So with open mind and close eyes i click the checkout button and tahhnahh the only dress left is mind! LOL. Can not wait to gets here i have a matching wedge for it already! Twink.

By the way to see great shopping deals and trendy stuff that i personally picks for you... Visit my Shela's Shopping For Less Blog and see you there! Ciao

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lets Exercise!

Time for my early morning exercise... but i will start at 6:30 am so i still have minutes to chitchat here for a little bit! lol. So anyway, I've been doing this for a week now since my time schedule required me to get up at 6 in the morning almost every day so might as well thought of getting my exercise done after my errand at 6. While the kids and husband still asleep it would be perfect time for me to do my thingy! Feeling so great afterwards doing my treadmill first and go straight to my 75-100 counts abs exercise using my abs rocket. When i did this lately in the morning i feel so energetic the the entire rest of the day which is so great! Isn't it? so will do this time management until i get my body weight goal back! Promised. Twink!

Have a wonderful morning ahead guys! well, it's time now, c yah!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Move that Junk

'Nothing's permanent but change,' so as the saying goes. But change is a welcome idea, if it's for the better right? The same thing goes when we talk about moving to another place, a city or country maybe. Pretty much there would be mix emotions, fear, doubt, hope, and excitement. Also the very thought of moving everything is a hassle. And how about those junks? I mean, sometimes in life we just wanna throw away everything and start anew. Who would pick up those junks for us? Well, 1800 Got Junk does the job. Literally, they're the world's largest junk removal service company. They have their office in Chicago, anyone who lives around the area better keep their link. Anyway, they offer junk removal services like appliance removal Chicago, computer recycling, furniture removal, and more.

If you want your old stuff like electronics, tiles, debris, yard waste completely disappear, just call them. Visit them online and request for a free quote on appliance removal Chicago or their other services. The nice thing with this one is that they ensure their clients that your junk gets recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly. That's really cool! I wonder if we have something like this in TN, would probably ask them to take our junk once we moved. Hmmm

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thought of...

Getting a new one just like this! This is one of the mini portables Compaq netbook i was bugging about to the husband. I miss my old laptop but the little boy broke it for quite sometimes now and since then i have a thought of purchasing even just a mini one like netbook for travelling purposes and it is easy to carry with us anywhere we go. I think this is really i need it's affordable and so friendly to my budget right now. Not to mention i like it a lot! Its stylish with sleek design. I wonder if they have my favorite color... which is RED! Will definitely convince the husband then! Hmm.. will check it out!

It's Taraffic!

It's terrific i mean traffic, lol! This was the longest traffic we've ever been in here that's all the way further than we view on the picture. We don't know what exactly going on up there might be constructions or a car broke but they've created bumper to bumper lines! We waited for 30 minutes at least we are moving like below zero mph though. The bad thing was we didn't meant to be in this high way, husband did a wrong turn and that's what happened we don't pay attention where we supposed to go well we are depending on our GPS but even the gadget still messed up! Whew! Charge to experience we know better than that. Well, at least i managed to take my picture takings here and there while waiting! :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In my Mail Box

Good morning! How's every one's morning so far? for me I've been busy since 6 o'clock going here and there i mean getting up to go help our grama in her morning routine, then at 9 i went back to change her, then went to postal service to send some mails and a package! Whew busy huh! But now it's time for me to sit back and relax but though while relaxing am sorting our mails that just got from the mailbox! Got so bunch to get rid of and few to check it over. Have one here that's about a rv travel emergency wish we have a recreational vehicle right now this offer could be a big help! It's all about when you are on the road and get an accident or road break and when you are with them they got you covered from here and onward. It is nice just like we have in our car insurance whenever we have problems on the road they will back up you 24/7.

Well, will leave for now and gonna continue my sorting here away from the monitor so i get the errand done faster! Wink. Have a good one all!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Fragrant

I love the scent of this VS's fragrant collection that I've been using for quite awhile now. when it comes to perfumes and colognes my skin gets irritated whenever i use different brands besides Avon and this very sexy spray mist! Picky picky picky huh! But been using Avon products for years and have few perfumes from Avon but just wanting to try different brand that won't hurt my skin and people's noses, lol. So i found this very sexy sheer mist 3 years ago - It has a very light sheer sexy fragrance and it stays to you all day, the scent is like floral oriental which is the kind of scent i really really like! Got a lot of compliments when i wear the mist so thought i will stick with her for awhile, haha! Honestly, I hate the strong granny smell that mostly stores aisle have, guess you know what i mean feels like it stuck in their cabinets for decades! Wink.

A homemaker's thingy

They say that the busiest, most difficult, yet most fulfilling and beautiful job in the world is that of a homemaker. I must agree! Being a wife and a mommy, we need to joggle a lot of things at the same time, all the time. But when we see our family growing stronger and happier everyday, it's worth it all. Well yeah it's not easy managing a household. We need to play different roles to meet the needs. But sure it's fun too. I like it a lot when I have to be a designer, I mean, it's in the hands of the mother on how she'll fix everything in the house, from the interior to the exterior. Speaking of, am kinda excited because as you know we are moving hopefully this year. It'll be fun working on a new house, new rooms, and my favorite part- kitchen. Will be very excited to shop for kitchen decor and kitchen curtains. Found really awesome items at, their bamboo grommet panel & valance caught my eyes! It's so neat and chic, perfect for a beach house I guess.

As early as now, I already have a dream kitchen in mind, lol! I'd like it either red or purple. Brylanehome's purple passion collection for the kitchen is so pretty. Who wouldn't want a purple goblet set, a purple dinnerware and cookware set, purple teapot other so forth. It seems like you have a royal kitchen, very pretty and classy. Anyway, they have huge discounts on plenty of items right now so just visit their website and browse. Enjoy shopping mommies, it's one of those things we do best. Winks!

Sea Creatures

Taken from the Aquarium we visited couple weeks ago and my entry for BMM. Kiddos had the blast and the best time of their lives. My boy still keep talking about his trip to the aquarium and the lil girl has her souvenir Nemo fish stuffed toy. These are one of the best moments we will keep forever!

Smiling Sally

Friday, August 5, 2011

For the loves of pets

I miss having a pet. When I was still in the Philippines we had 2 dogs and I love them so much. They were like our siblings. Playing around, cuddling and snuggling them was a source of joy. But they're both gone now, so sad. Though I love to have a pet here in the house, a kitty perhaps, but the kids are still kids you know. But of course I'd like my children to experience how is it like having a pet to take care of. The joy, the sense of responsibility, and the good time pets can give us is priceless. Anyway, that's gonna happen couple of years from now I guess. But for those who have their dogs or cats already, am gonna be sharing this useful link to you. Am talking about FunnyFur, where happy pets dig here. A shop that has everything and anything for your pets. They have dog costumes, dog beds, apparels, dog furniture, carriers, dog toys, and so much more!

Their dog beds in particular are really cute. You see, you need them especially during winter months when tile floors are freezing cold for our dearly beloved. The designs they have are so adorable like the pink princess car bed and the smiley face design. The apparels are trendy too. Your doggies will look so adorable in their hoodies, tees, and vest. Now it makes me want to have one. I miss the feeling of having a pet best friend. They're really the best!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Childhhood Lane

This is my first time joining sepia scenes and here's my entry of the week! Those were the days when i was like a year old and bro was 2.5 with Mamita! I always love this photos of us that until now i still have and still in pretty good shape. My smirk here is exactly a carbon copy of my kurdapyo a silly kinda way smile, lol. And his personality reminds me a lot when i was a just lil girl.

Let's talk Fashion

Being a woman is so much fun. We get to put on make-ups, dress up, wear high heels, play with colors, and just express ourselves through fashion. I admit am one of those who'll go gaga over shoes! Pumps, wedges, booties are my weakness! And clothing too of course. It makes me smile whenever I get to have a new little black dress or a pretty maxi. But getting married and having kids brought about changes, I mean, I really gained weight. Felt so frustrated whenever I look at the mirror and see those bulges. LOL! But that was before. It was really an effort to lose weight and am happy I did it. Also what help me a lot before was plus size fashion and plus size clothing. We can still feel and look gorgeous though we're not same sized as models.

Speaking of, there's a huge sale on all apparels, shoes and accessories at Jessica London Whether it's their final cut summer sale or the fall sale, you'll surely find something worth having. I'd like to have a new jacket soon, for fall and it should be yellow, my newest favorite color. When I browse websites like this one here, I just can't help but smile and fall in love with those pretty and fabulous stuff. Every girl can relate with me on this one, am I right? Winks!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Had a buggee fun day


This was last Friday my kiddos and their cousins went to a bug party in Columbia. Sure they had fun fun fun all day. Every one got their bugs outfit on and they were all so adorably pretty and cute, my boy wore a bumble bee costume meanwhile my lil girl had her red butterfly, lol! I just can't help complimenting my kurdapyo when he wears his attire he look so handsome and cute with matching his flashy yellow shirt and his cutie antenna and sting... so ADORABLE! haha!