Friday, August 26, 2011


Friday is always the entire families day, the king of the house (Dad) is inviting us to go for lunch again in their home cooking up barbecues, potatoes, burgers and all that kinda of stuff yummy and very enjoyable to get to see the whole family is chilling out just enjoy the lunch picnic. Lately he's been doing it frequently last week Monday we had it also and now again, lol! Am not complaining am just happy and excited i always love this kind of hang outs! Anyway, last cooked out i told mom i am gonna bake a cake but am too young to remember and it was forgotten, duh! But this time am making up so here i am baking the chocolate cake for our desserts later on. Wink! I just love when weekend comes! Yay!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead everybody!! Have FUN in the sun while summer last!