Friday, November 18, 2011

My world

Are my kids. It's them who keeps me occupied, tired, stressed, blessed, complete, and happy all the time. I've got best of both worlds you know, lol! Seriously, they are growing like weeds, as if it was only yesterday when I carried them inside my tummy. Now they're just so hyper, jolly, playful, bold, ever learning! With their age right now, they are at the peak of their learning years and as parents we are doing all we can, all our best to be the support and example they need. The little girl love books lately so we read her a story or two before she goes to bed. While the little man loves to draw and play puzzle. He's also getting interested with building blocks and of course his trucks. You can imagine how our house looks like when they're active. Their toys storage are indeed helpful for keeping their stuff after playing but after several hours, it's all over the place again and again. Oh well, kids will be kids. It's just wonderful seeing them grow as bright, healthy, and happy.

May we all have a fantastic weekend ahead everyone! As for me here, am definitely looking forward for a joyride. Winks!