Friday, February 27, 2009

Baldness Solutions

Most people especially women loses an average of 100 hair strands everyday. This is normal, no cause for alarm. But sometimes if you're losing more than that, something might be wrong. After giving birth, I noticed that I constantly had hair fall, but am glad it's back to normal now. Perhaps it's just part of the post-natal process. Losing hair can be so stressful, but most of the time hair lose is just temporary. Stress and malnutrition or medications can cause hair lose, but this can be treated over time. But there are people who experience severe hair lose, it may eventually lead to baldness.

The most common complain is Male hair loss. It's very noticeable since it forms a round or oval patches on the scalp or in the eyebrows. People who are bald, men or women sometimes lost their self-esteem and confidence due to baldness. But through the help of science now a days, there are Hair loss treatments available to bring back that "crowning glory." Medical hair restoration or surgical restoration like hair implants and scalp surgery are among the choices.

If you think you need a hair lose treatment, ask help only from the experts. There is a non-profit medical association of over 700 doctors that are specializing in Hair Loss and baldness. Try to visit them online now!

For my MOM

I am planning to get my mom a wedding band ring eventually because she lost her wedding ring long long time ago and my dad always busy to get her something until now, LOL! So i told her let me the one to get it for you! Finally this kind of ring catches my eyes! It looks fabulous, stunning and very comfortable to wear since it is joined together on your finger yet can come apart if you just want to wear the solitaire alone. Plus I've read all the positive reviews to several who purchased that they're all satisfied and happy when they got it! And they got plenty of compliments from both men and women how beautiful this ring is. Which in my opinion is true i like the style and just perfect for my mom's little finger, haha! It's always nice to have found a site which carries such high quality jewelry, and I finally found rings at unbelievable prices!! I just hang on to it and i am going to get it for her soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fabulous Living...

I found another very beautiful place for you to see. It is in New York City and it is another Condo. It is called Tribeca Coops and they have absolutely beautiful condos there. Check them out They have from 1 bedroom suite to 4 bedroom penthouse available and they are simple yet sophisticated in the design. It has some of the best floorplans I have seen for a condo.

Even the 1 Bedroom Condo is very well designed. It has a large master bedroom, huge walk-in closets, huge dining room and living room, large kitchen, 2 bathrooms and even an office! You should see the 4 bedroom penthouse! Wow, it is amazing!! It has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, large master bedroom, huge walk-in closets, huge dining room/living room, large kitchen and a huge terrace that wraps around 3 sides of the condo.

Do what I did and check out these New York City Condos for yourself at You'll be glad you did! Heres the link.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is your Home Safe?

There's no place like home! After a long and tiring day, from school, work or wherever, or home gives us the relief from the hectic world we're living. But are we really safe? Our home can present serious dangers we may be unaware, especially if we have small children. Perhaps we should have a home inspection, here's what we should include in our checklist...

Plants. If you have small children, make sure that none of your plants are poisonous. Remember, curious toddlers will put almost anything in their mouths.

Drawers and Cupboards. Consider installing safety latches. This will keep children from touching sharp implements and dangerous cleaning products.

Cribs. Slats should be close together. The space around the mattress should not be large enough to allow the infant's head to get caught.

Bathtub. Never leave a small child in the bathtub unattended. It takes little time and little water- for a child to drown.

Broiler. Clean it frequently. A grease-filled broiler pan can cause a kitchen fire.

Microwaves. Remember that food gets hot fast in a microwave. A baby's formula, for example, can be scalding even though the bottle itself is just warm.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I still need one!

I'm 7 months pregnant already but I really think my tummy looks bigger than its supposed to be,lol! My Maternity Clothes are getting tighter and tighter everyday specially my maternity bottoms. Although mom told me not to wear pants and jeans anymore but I still prefer to wear it because it's very comfortable. When we go to the mall or somewhere, I still use pants than loose dresses. Of course I want to be sexy and funky during my pregnancy. But my problem is my bottoms does not fit me already, it's so tight, lol! I might get a new one soon, just one more. Good thing I found an online store of maternity and baby products. I tell you, their Maternity Bottoms are fabulous, the dresses are pretty, and they also got super cute hooter hiders! Hey, they also provide free shipping for orders over $50!

Anyway just two months from now and we're having our baby girl. We are all so excited to see our bundle of joy! I'm also excited for the baby shower, actually I don't know when since it's a surprise. I can't thank my family and friends enough for being so generous and sweet. Thanks ahead guys! I wonder if somebody would give me Maternity Swimsuits, I mean that's the only thing I haven't received so far, lol! Gosh! how will I look like? LOL!

Teach your Children to manage money

With so many adults in financial trouble today, experts are urging parents to teach your children to start save money in early age. Try ask most children where money comes from, and they might say "Daddy" or "the bank". If you can teach your children the value of money, how to separate needs from wants, how to save, and how to invest you may help them avoid the heartache of crushing debt and economic slavery.

Here are a few suggestions to us Parents:
1. Be a good example. Your children will generally imitate what you do more than what you say.
2. Set spending limits. Discuss how much you and they can spend. Learn to say no, and mean it.
3. Allow them to manage money. If they receive an allowance or earn money from job, give them some guidelines. Then allow them to make some decisions.
4. Teach the to share. Encourage your children to share what they have with others as well as regularly to set something aside to honor God.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

She's getting married

My childhood friend will soon be engaged which means the wedding would be fast approaching too. I hope I can go back home to the Philippines and be there and witness the happiest day of her life. We chatted a few days ago and told her that I'm so excited for the "Day." But what I'm excited more is the bridal shower that I want friends to prepare for her. It's sad I won't be there at the bridal shower but that does not mean I can't share ideas with them right? Anyway, I also told my sissy about bridal shower ideas I have in mind, we want it simple yet very memorable.

Good thing I found Visit them online and you'll be amaze on how they help you celebrate the most important and beautiful occasions in life. Since I like to know about bridal showers ideas, I visited the link and great, I found it! I really like the Bridal shower: Around the Clock theme where guest are ask to bring gifts that relate to different times in a bride or groom's life. Or the 5 Fun Bridal shower theme, where everyone gets to play and tell about themselves, something like truth or lie. And of course the lingerie party, bet it would be fun! Oh, am so excited! Actually, my gift is ready, lol! I just hope my friend won't get to read this. Shhhhh.... Winks!


The sun is soon to come. We're starting to feel the warm breeze and see the rays of Mr. Sun. Outings and vacations definitely would be part of our plans right? But even if we love Mr. Sun, it's a fact that there are dangers in over exposure to the sun. Our skin is the number one target, hence should protect it as much as possible. To enjoy the warm and hot weather ahead, here are some tips to save your skin...

1. Protect yourself from the sun especially between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, when the sun's rays are strongest.

2. Even on cloudy days, use a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays and that has a sun protection factor of 15 or greater.

3. Reapply sunscreen every two hours when outdoors, especially if you are swimming or perspiring.

4. Wear protective, tightly woven clothing. Dark colors give more protection.

5. Wear a hat with at least a four-inch brim and sunglasses with ultraviolet protective lenses.

6. Stay in the shades whenever possible.

7. Avoid reflective surfaces, such as water, sand, and snow, which reflect most of sun's damaging rays.

Be beautiful, sexy and trendy!

I had no problem with my weight when I was still single. I can eat whatever I want without counting the calories and everything. But now that I'm a mom, should be careful and conscious about my weight cause if not I'd be gaining much. Actually I've gained weight but it does not mean that I'm sexy no more, lol!

Anyway, are you a plus size woman or teen? You can still be sexy and trendy! There is an online clothing store that sells the trendiest, and beautiful plus size clothes for all the big girls out there. I'm talking about, their widest selection of plus size clothing are awesome. From sexy styles like sexy diva black bolero, casual styles tops and skirts, and pretty cute dresses. I'd have to say my favorite would be this checkered layered yellow top, it's very pretty specially if it's being paired with lace lining black leggings. I bet it would be gorgeous!

Hey! You may want to check out the site. Right now they have a sale rack, selective clothes that's almost 50% off the original price. And their leggings are discounted too, you can grab a few. Winks! Well, whatever our size is, skinny or plus size, always remember women are God's masterpiece!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't drink... and breast-feed

Babies and alcohol don't mix. Alcohol, or ethanol, transfers readily into breast milk and should be avoided by breast-feeding women. Alcohol has been associated with adverse effects in the breast-feed infant- sleepiness, impaired growth, psychomotor delay. An occasional drink, you may take a glass of wine after baby's last feed at night if baby will not require any more breast milk until morning. As a general rule, allow at least one to two hours after a standard drink with alcohol, e.g, 100ml wine or can of beer, to eliminate much of the ethanol from your breast milk.

Monday, February 16, 2009

He is driving!

My kurdapyo was having so much fun yesterday at Publix and i never miss a chance taking him a shots even though i didn't bring my camera with me i still managed to capture his enjoyment on our cp! He was so happy riding in this cart as we can see with driving thing as if for kids! Even if it's too big to push haha! He loves to spin the stirring wheel as in to the max smiling. LOL!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Empire Today

I have another cool site for everyone to check out. It is Empire Today at They have a great selection of carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring and even window blinds/shades and bath/shower liners. They have been a leading provider of installed Home Furnishings and Home Improvements for more than 45 years and they have over one million satisfied customers. My husband used to work installing hardwood flooring and things like that, so he knows how much work is involved in it. It is great to have someone like Empire Today that has good pricing and quick delivery and installation. They have over 150 patterns and colors of carpet! Wow, that’s a lot!

Laminate flooring has the look of hardwood, but less expensive. They also have laminate that looks like ceramic tile. How cool is that? My sister-in-law put ceramic tiles in her kitchen and that was a lot of work. Much easy to use laminate and save a lot of time. Only bad thing is all the colors and feel of real stone and ceramic. Empire Carpet has many colors and textures to choose from and like their other flooring, it can be delivered in 3-4 days and not 3-4 weeks. If you don't want wood or tile, you can always get Vinyl flooring. Empire Today offers a great way to get the beauty of real hardwood and ceramic flooring without the added cost. So, no matter what type of flooring you want, they are likely to have just what you need.

They also have a great selection of window blinds and shades. Window treatments add a sense of elegance to your home and compliment your flooring and other things in the house. Alot of homes still use the cheap mini-blinds. They are nice and cheap but let's face it, they are not very pretty. They have so many types of blinds now, it is amazing. You can even have indoor shutters. One of my favorites is the Roman Shade. They add a nice look of drapery combined with a functional shade and that is very cool.

Another thing that Empire Today has is their Bathroom remodel section. They have tub surrounds that can be added over your old ones or change them out completely. They even have ones now that look like stone. Also, you can change out that old tub with a new one that Empire Today has. They are custom made to fit and are installed quickly. I really enjoyed looking at this site and getting ideas of what to do in my house also. Call them at 1-800-588-2300 or go online and see there website. Online shopping is easy and convenient, so give them a try.


This is what i was craving earlier that i really asked the husband to get me some wherever! He doesn't know what i was talking about so i explained him what yema is. A Filipino delicacy made from condensed milk, yolks and sugar then cook it slow and so on so fort. I will really make some tomorrow i was going to awhile ago but i am so lazy to make.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Favorite Children’s Movies

Yano's 10 on Tuesday is all about 10 Favorite Children’s Movies. And here's my list so far i could remember because most of children movies are my favorites, lol!

1. Shrek 1,2,3
2. Little Mermaid
3. Mulan
4. Peter Pan
5. Cinderella
6. The Whales
7. Bethoven
8. Finding Nemo
9. The Lion King
10. Anastasia

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Amazing Condos!

I was browsing the web the other day and came across a site that has condos. Has anyone ever looked at some of those? Wow, they are amazing! The one I saw was Sovereign Buckhead. They have a huge building and it is very luxurious. One interesting thing about it is the shape of the building. It is Asymmetrical and looks different, depending on which way you are looking at it, so everyone will have a favorite way of viewing it.

They are very spacious! One floor plan has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms & 1 Service Bathroom with about 4200 sq ft of space. They have several to choose from, about 20 actually!! One even has over 10,000 sq. ft of space. That's big! I think today Atlanta high rise condominium is one of the most luxury real estate ever built.

It is located in Atlanta, GA which is only 3 hours or so from my house, so that is nice too. I'll have to check it out someday with my husband. Check out some photo's here, under photo gallery. It's not just a condo either, it has many spaces for offices on the lower levels. So why don't you check them out, I'm sure you will enjoy it also.

PhotoHunt: bridge(s)

Today's PhotoHunt's theme is about bridge(s) and this what i got. Taken this photo during our weekend family day. We went to Chattanooga Aquarium last fall. Good i asked husband to took me few poses with the bridge is my background i knew i can use this for a reason. Wink!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am talking about my sissy and bro in laws fast approaching wedding anniversary. Husband and I, don't know yet what kind of gift to give them this year. We both wanted to be unique this time. Fortunately i found an online store, i know they will like what we will planning to getting them. Since they love sports, thought sports gifts is great to give particularly football. Both of them are fanatic of NFL so why not give them a memorabilia. This store has just all about sports stuff. From high-quality woven blankets, to afghans, picture throws, photo towels, pillows and more. Well, we will see got to tell husband!


My boys are both sick right now :-(. Dada has colds and Bebe is teething again. My son was having a fever last night good thing it is subsided now. I let him took some Tylenol stuff and put a cooling relief for fever in his forehead the soft gel for kids thing. Keep checking his temperature also that's why i feel sleepy! I am just glad even I'm pregnant right now i feel great most of the time. I'm the only one here is not sick at all. Husband caught colds but i got my flu shot to prevent me away from flu or what so ever so lucky enough! So I'm their pregnant nurse right now, LOL!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me before!

This is me & (husband) before we're not married yet. Was slim and sexy, LOL! But figure changed as i got pregnant with our first baby, i gained a lot of weight. Then right now i am in my second pregnancy again so there's no chance to lose weight yet. I've missed those days when i was skinny because i can wear what ever i want. But my goal is after i deliver my second child, i made a deal to myself that i will try my best to get back my old figure! Even not this slim but hopefully though with the help of weight loss pills. If you are just determine you can have the body you wanted.

I miss Bread Pudding...

~freshly baked~

I was browsing yesterday and came across to a website that tackles everything about Filipino delicacies. Everything there look so good, and it came to my mind one of my favorite dish way back in pinas that me and my sister most of the time cook it. The bread pudding one of my specialty of making. Once we had our bake shop, pudding is one of the lists we sell and they love it who ever bought it! LOL. We have our secret ingredient that's why. Anyway, I really missed it! So, i baked pudding for my breakfast today, husband got me the rest of the ingredients last night. Although i haven't make this for a long time, yet i still got the right pudding recipe and was so good infairness. ( Just left over or a week old bread, 1 can condensed milk, 1/2 can evaporated milk, 1cup boiling water, 4TBS white sugar and shredded cheese) bake to 375F for an hour. let cool before eating. That's all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New York! New York!

I've been writing about different places here and there, but this time let's talk about New York. The business capital in the world, where all cultures meet, and where everything is best. Haven't been to New York? If you're planning your escapade there, find yourself a place to stay at Comfort Inn Central Park West, a New York City hotel near Central Park. A European-styled hotel, ideal for travelers since it's located in the heart of the city. Their amenities and features are amazing, feel free to visit them online now.

Oh New York, will be there someday!

Protect Your Child from Accidents

Its undeniable that our little ones are so hyper and playful. They are very much curious and wants to learn and discover new things. As parents, we want them to grow and to experience the joys of being a child. But their safety is so important too. Here are some tips parents should know in case of accidents...

Poisoning: If the child has swallowed some toxic liquid, rinse its mouth thoroughly and give it one or two glasses of water or milk to drink. Thereafter, call a doctor or a poison information center for advice. If the child has got something corrosive in its eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of water for at least ten minutes.

Burns: For minor burns, apply cold (not too cold) water on the injury for at least 20 minutes. Or you can apply petroleum jelly for it gives relief to minor burns. If the injury is bigger than the child's palm or is located on the face, a joint, or the lower abdomen or genitals, you should take the child to an emergency room. Deeper skin injuries must always be treated by a doctor.

Choking: If something has got stuck in the child's windpipe, it is most urgent that you get the object out quickly. One effective method you might resort to is the Heimlich maneuver. If you are not familiar with it, contact your doctor in order more information about this method, or attend a child-accident or first-aid course where this method is taught.

Article from Awake!

What is Mesothelioma?

When a person is exposed to asbestos, he/she will be of high risk of Mesothelioma, a form of cancer that is developed in the mesothelium, a protective lining that covers most of the body's internal organs. Its most common site are the lining of the lungs, lining of the abdomen, and the sac that protects the heart. Those who have mesothelioma probably inhaled asbestos particles or fiber. Even washing the clothes of someone who's been exposed to asbestos may put you in high risk of this disease. Symptoms of the disease includes, shortness of breath, chest pain, and weight lose. Good thing there are organizations that provides awareness and information about mesothelioma, willing to give help to patients and their family as well. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Safety in Your Home

I found this article very helpful for me, and sure every mom would be interested too. Let me share it with you.

Safety Tips-

Medicines: Keep them out of the child's reach in a locked cupboard. The same goes for nonprescription and natural medicines. Also, ask overnight guests to keep their medicines secure.

Household Chemicals: Store them out of the child's reach in a lockable cupboard. Keep them in their original containers so that they are clearly identified. Keep strict watch over the products as you use them, and always put them away, even if you leave the room for only a moment. Never leave residues of detergent in your dishwasher.

Stove: Always turn the handles of pans inward on the stove. Attach a saucepan guard, if available. Equip the stove with a tilt guard for safety should the child climb on the open oven door. The oven door itself should be equipped with a locking door device. Could the child burn himself by touching the oven door? Then, attach a guard or a grating so that he cannot touch the hot door.

Stairs: Fit gates, at least 30 inches high, at both ends of stairs.

Hot Water: If you can adjust the temperature of your hot water, you should put it down to about 120 degrees fahrenheit so that the child will not be scaled if he or she turns on the tap.

Toys: Discard the toys with sharp edges or corners. Throw away small toys or toys that can be pulled into small pieces, as they can choke the child if put into the mouth. Eyes and noses on the child's teddy bear should be securely fixed. Teach older brothers and sisters to remove their small toys when the baby is on the floor.

Be Comfortable

Sitting for long hours in front of the computer, or working at the office has its negative side effects. Back pain and butt pain sometimes takes it toll many, and often would cause health problems too. Well, no need to worry, Sit Better is here to help you. Sit Better is the newest online retailer of the widest selection of chairs. They have everything, leather office chairs, ergonomic chairs, wooden chairs, task chairs, modern chairs, and so much more! What I like most is their leather office chairs and chairs for those with back pain. It has an inflatable lumbar support, s-shape frame, shoulder support, etc. Sit Better also offers the lowest prices in the market, they ship anywhere, and the quality guaranteed! After all, their mission is to provide affordable and comfortable chairs, which makes you and me sit better!


Even though it was a yucky and wet morning we got here, we still went to visit my OB doctor which he ordered me to visit him every 2weeks now. I am getting closer that's why. SO i had my glucose tests and they asked me to go to the hospital to pre registered for my pre-admission thing. Now i get more anxious and nervous knowing that everything is really fast approaching. I will have my another visit on the Feb 16 again and take another ultrasound just to check the baby's position is right. So far so good he said. I noticed every time we have the OB appointment the weather won't cooperate it always be rainy and snowy, LOL!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Online shopper out there good news for all of us because i found and online store that has everything you want and need product wise. At they have all kinds of sale items in all departments from electronics to apparels, toys, games, sports and name it you can find it there. We can shop by brands with discounted prices over millions of products that they have. Plus free shipping people! Another thing is Howie Mandel, who doesn't know him? duh! is the one itself telling people where is the right place to shop and how to save money while shopping. So if you happenend to look something? Visit this place for your self now!


Nothing too exciting for us today, i guess we can't go to the Superbowl night at in law's house. The husband isn't feeling very good he caught colds just yesterday and he don't want it to spread to others so we just decided not to go then. Despite our stuff is ready i mean our assigned food to bring later. We just called sissy to dropped by and get the stuff. Even thought i was excited but he's condition might just stay at home.