Thursday, September 1, 2011

School is cool!

Hey, here's something really cool I just bumped into today. Pretty much helpful especially to teachers out there who might be so busy going to the malls or stores to get their school supplies. School Supplies for less is the number one teachers store online that has everything and anything school-related. From arts and crafts like drawings, paintings, stamps, papers, brushes. To home school supplies, furniture, teaching tools, toys and plays, and so much more! Well it's not just a store for teachers, but for parents as well. Their prices are very much affordable and super friendly, will definitely grab some for the little ones. I'd like my son to play with colors cause I think he has potential in drawing. My brother is a painter so I really think it runs in the blood. Should support and develop Josh's talent so he'll grown up and become a painter too.

And the fact that he's going to school soon, I better keep this website's link in handy. So am not gonna forget about them. I'm excited shopping for school supplies this time. I guess it's normal for a mom like me to be more excited and at the same time anxious to have a school boy for the first time. Kids are growing up like weeds don't they?


Twinkle Think said...

Hi i added your link to my blog can you do the sam efor me pls. thanks a lot

Lina Gustina said...

Nice share :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

came here this evening......kumusta po kayo.... :quizzical:

Kim, USA said...

I think mom's are pretty sure busy this days. Tuesday will be the start of our school here and looks like every mall is busy. Good luck to your little boy.