Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #37


What am thinking?? of all pictures i can put here for mellow yellow monday I chose this one! lol. Anyway, this was taken during our house addtion last month i wanted to make sure i have a snap shot each in everyday if possible so i have something to look up to in the future. So back to the topic about YELLOW, honestly i used to hate the color yellow before i was growing up but the world is round now i love yellow shade i found it refreshing to wear this kind of color! lol. And now i love bright clors you know mix and match to the highest level!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Got it!

I guess we're going to Nashville on Saturday rain or shine,lol and yes am excited! Finally I can send the big box to the family back home already. It was just yesterday I was able to wrap the whole big box because the food supplement mom was asking just arrived the other day. Some b-complex, alfalfa, colon cleanse, and tonic. Well I already have the shipping schedule, we can't be late on Saturday!

Farm Town

~click photo to enlarge~
I admit its hard to say NO to this game on FB! I guess everybody agrees with me right? I been playing with this for 10 9days already and am not yet through with it so until now besides am busy with my household routines momshe will sneakout to cultivate her farm while kids asleep, haha! That's the only time i can have my moment you know. Anyway after i bought a farm town house yesterday i thought to just slow down my farming because if i won't control i'll probably get addicted to this game which is almost you know,lol!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Checking on it

I was browsing for some insurance leads article and I found many helpful tips and nice services really. The life insurance lead in particular is beneficial I think because it will help future clients to compare quotes, rates, and services in a fast and easy way. Anyway, might as well share this site to a friend. Am pretty sure they are considering to get one soon.

Cesarean Birth Record... Where?

I'm done with my household chores for today so momshe is in reading right now and i came across to this awake article about what country holds the record of Cesarean Delivery during pregnancy and the answer is that... according to Professor Carlos Antonio Montenegro of Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil holds the record in Cesarean operations. I wonder why? hmm... In addition it stated that in private clinics, more than 50 percent of the women prefer an operation to giving natural birth. That is really something huh? Maybe mothers thought of less pains when under going CS section.

For a business to succeed

Have you ever wondered how the many small, medium, and giant businesses out there generate their sales and support their customers? The answer, call center outsourcing. Alright, some of the huge companies can establish their own call centers to market their product but if they are looking for low cost way to sell their goods and grant technical support, it's their best option to consider. See, that's how in demand call centers are these days.

First Words

Which babies learn language first—girls or boys? A report in the journal Developmental Psychology says that girls get in the first word. Contrary to some recent studies indicating that the sexes are equal on this score, Colombia University investigators found that baby girls were more advanced in what they call “mean length of utterance,” which they contend is a more accurate measure than previous testing techniques.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Something controversial

I was browsing online for the complete news about a 15 year old teen who cried blood here in the State of Tennessee. I recently heard about his rare condition and I wanted to know the entire story. I've read several articles already and some other news bits too. I must say there are really interesting happenings out there, informative stories and some are shocking as well. One of the shocking, well not really if we open our minds, was the revelation of the former Senator Bob Dole who admits he's taking the world famous impotence pill Viagra. Accordingly, when the news anchor asked his opinion about it, he answered with full confidence and sincerity saying, "it was a great drug." Adding that the public should know more about it especially the many men out there who suffer from impotence which really affects their personal life.

His words are true. It's really devastating for the men of our lives to suffer such kind of condition. And perhaps the controversial blue pill is the answer so maybe we should open our minds even more and talk about the topic. In fact the Senator is not the only famous person who openly talked about it, Rush Limbaugh was once detained when authorities found a bottle of the drug inside his luggage while on vacation. And I was surprise Enrique Iglesias though still young also had this medication. Maybe right now the access to such drug has become easier, there are even Viagra online available today. However, according to the article, it's not like anyone can purchase it right away. Since it's a prescription drug, detailed consultation on line is required.

Anyway, those were the latest buzz I learned here in the Internet. How about you?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Death Sentence before Birth

According to a danish heart specialist concerned with the deaths of people in their early 20's from heart disease investigated a possible cause. She found that infants born to smoking mothers already have in their blood vessels signs of the lesions and clogging associated with heart disease, while those born to nonsmoking mothers do not. In her studies at the University of Copenhagen, she also found the damage to be the worst among the babies of women who smoked the most. Research also indicates that even if a smoker stops smoking during her pregnancy, her child will still be born with some vessel damage that can develop as the youngster grows.

So see how doctors urged to women not to drink alcohol and smoke during their pregnancy or when they are pregnant because all the bad impact will goes to their unborn baby. I encourage to those who are pregnant or maybe pregnant and those who want a kids in the future... please take care of your self don't smoke or stop smoking if it's not too late yet just think of the little ones you will have.

The newest must-have!

Who among us here doesn't love fashion? I'm pretty sure most of us do have his or her own fashion statement and style isn't it? Especially for the ladies out there, it can be a really big deal. Most often they look up to celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many others as fashion icons and why not? Their smart, sophisticated look is really admiring. Right now however, there's one woman who caught the eyes of many because of her confidence, style and grace. She's no other than the first lady herself, Michelle Obama. Hey, have you seen her latest haircut? How about the way she dresses up? No doubt it captured the heart of many that's why she's now labeled as the newest trend setter by famous magazines like the US News & World Report and Time Magazine.

But of course we don't have to be a celebrity to look amazing. It's something we owe to ourselves and the good news is that right now, we can possibly get the look of a real trend setter. How? Through this new Hollywood obsession called Toy Watch no less! Those over-sized, large watch faces are the latest Hollywood craze and people are raving about it. The watches we often see at the covers of glossy magazines, that's it! Though it's so beautiful and stylish, it's still amazingly affordable because it's made up of lightweight plastic. I bet Toy Watch will most likely be a big fashion hit this fall and the seasons to come.

I know you want to have these anti-luxury watches soon, I do too lol! Anyway, you can check out more about this must-have thingy and totally feel like a celebrity!

Teach them in an early age

It is a good idea to engage your kids in different activities in their early age so as they grow up more and more things they will be aware of and can able to handle things right and be independent youngsters. It's hard to imagine how time passes by so fast they grow and wanted to learn even more each day everything to them is adventure, curiosity is the best word to described to the toddlers mind right? I have a two years old toddler boy and as you know as part time blogger we deal with computers, the moment i sit in my chair there he goes behind me! He wanted to takeover the seat good thing i have couple computers(one without Internet) and my laptop where i do my blogging thingy. So anyhow to make the long story short he knows how to play puzzle games because i have some in my desktop so while am working momshe is letting him play, haha smart isn't it? In bright side not only he won't destruct me he's also learning things you know! I mentioned here that he can hold the mouse perfectly and recognized things on that puzzle game but once in awhile he will ask for hep hep(help)! I can't believe he now knows to operate my computer! pheww...

So anyway bloggers mommies out there if you think your kiddos wanted to over take you or trying to mess up your work why not teach them to use it right instead. I trust my son even am not around with him but just to make sure no Internet connection you know lots of bad things out there! Winks!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I need one!

Was checking on some documents here in my laptop and I have to admit that the files here are too much already. From pictures to downloads, to mp3's and videos. I really need to back-up all these files and put it in one safe device. Might as well grab a new USB soon. The one I have here has a lower memory than the ones now available in the market. What's even better is that there are now custom flash drives and Custom jump drive and all in very cheap prices. I want the USB flash mp3 player, so cool! I got to tell husband about this later on, he is more into this stuff you know! He is my personal and private tech...wink!


Last night i went to bed a little bit late because i was doing my scrapbooks stuff while chatting with sissy in pinas. I am into cropping right now i just love to take pictures of my family and making it into like this up here! Isn't it so neat?? I planned to photo frame it soon. I have several done last night of my baby girl and today will do my kurdapyos also!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead ya'll!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Help on getting out of debt

Everyday we joggle on lots of things and try to manage them as good as we can. But sometimes things doesn't happen the way we want it to be right? For example when it comes to finances, most of the time we find ourselves getting into debts. No wonder it has become like a way of life to many around the world. The sad thing though is that sinking into excessive debt is way more easier than getting out of it. I remember before when me and my siblings were still going to school. I knew how hard that was for my parents. Tuition fees here and there, not to mention the never-ending school projects and requirements. Now I'm a parent myself and sooner or later we have to deal with problems such as these.

The good news is, now we can ask for assistance on debt consolidation and management in a fast and easy way. Consolidated Credit, a debt consolidation company provides the much needed help to solve money problems and even end financial crises. The first step is so easy. Just visit their website and get a free debt consultation and you'll be on your way to lower your monthly bills, avoid bankruptcy, and reduce interest rates. Browse through their money management page and see their many options for employment, golden years, college debt guide, travel, military, and many more!

It may be hard to get out of debt, but with their help, it's not to late to start. Check out their website to know more!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Authoritative Parents

Parents who are not harshly punitive, but who set firm boundaries and stick to them, are significantly more likely to produce children who are high achievers and who get along well with others," states U.S News & World Report. Such parents are termed "authoritative" ("do it for this reason") rather than "authoritarian" ("do it because I'm the parent") and "permissive" ("do whatever you want"), disciplinary styles that produced children with behavioral traits that were marked differently. The studies which spanned two decades, showed that authoritative parents were more likely to have children who were stable, contented, self-controlled, and self-reliant, and who were less likely to experiment with drugs. Authoritative parents are not bossy, they make it their business to know their children, how they're doing in school and who their friends are. Their control reflects a high level of commitment to the child, and they are not afraid to confront the child.

I'm blessed to have such authoritative parents. As what the report says above, they are the parents who truly care for their children's well-being by instilling in them proper values the right way. They are firm and uncompromising with their discipline. Thanks to them I grew up the way they want me too! Now, as parent myself, it's hard to raise up a kid, that's what me and the husband learned. But we'll do our best to be "authoritative parents," not feared though, but respected and trusted by the kids.