Thursday, October 6, 2011

Take time

To smell the flowers. I truly agree. No matter how busy we get or things going complicated, life is indeed beautiful and simple if we take time to smell the flowers. Speaking of, I loved it when someone gives me flowers on special occasions. Will love it even more when it's just out of nowhere. Browsing EZbloomers floral collections, I want to order some, lol! They have really pretty designs, you can check out their online floral arrangements and find one you like too. The nice thing with this website is that prices and range are pretty much lower than other flower shops because you get to pay directly to your local florist. Anyway, I know a couple whose anniversary is fast-approaching. Would love to send them flowers this time. Winks!


Sam D. said...

I agree with you, it really make our day into beautiful one when somebody gives us flowers especially if it's come from our loved ones :-)