Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's just Wednesday but for me feels like Friday already for so much things i for the past couple of days the time flew by so quickly! I haven't manage to come by to my blogs due to my schedule the husband and I just finished the project he had for out little girl last night but before that like what i said my days were gone quickly two days in a row i was all over the house cleaning, errands and doing my daily chores! I got done painting yesterday night her closet and her bed cases we slept so late last night as well just to make and see the finish product done! However everything so worth it seeing the little girl's reaction the excitement in her eyes, her giggled and her ear to ear smiles was amazing every soreness and tiredness we both had was gone! And today is another day for me! Still not done with cleaning.

Have a great long weekdays for me and you! wink!


A Mom said...

thanks for the visit! happy monday!