Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angry Birds Game

This is what we are 4 is doing right now playing angry bird games on roku device, it's like wii but different just hard to explain haha! Anyway, been several days already spending quality time with kids after dinner we usually watch movies after dinner but somehow we all hooked by this funny looking birds along their targets the biggy pigs! The boy here is cheering his daddy "says, good job daddy, good job meanwhile the the lil girl and momi are the one getting excited if ever Dada misses the target. It is fun though other than just watching movies. Just for a change will keep playing till we get tired, LOL.

Have a wonderful evening to all!


Farid said...

follow here

Cora Duke's SnapShots! said...

It's really fun game :-) we unlocked most of it..

Shela said...

We finished all the levels.. now we are ready for another one, lol