Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peeking outside

I am peeking outside right now at my DIL's office building because it's under construction i mean the hired men are trying to finish the bricking on the entire building despite colder and winter is fast approaching they have to get it done before the busy tax time ahead. Well, I saw them wearing extra warmers clothes anyway so i think temperatures are no bother to them plus i saw their gloves are from tillman gloves store when in comes to durability wise those gloves are superb! I guess they know what they're doing and always ready no matter what weather condition may it be!

On the second note, I am shopping stuff for my girl i saw the cutest head dress, facinator or whatever you called it last night i can't move on until she have it she loves to dress herself with extra accessories from head to toe, LOL! Wink!


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Shela said...

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Yen said...

good to know they have protection against the weather:)