Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What would be?

A nice surprise to the two most important people of my life celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary? No matter how I want to keep it secret, I just can't stop myself LOL! Good thing my parents don't use the internet and am quite sure my sister won't let them read my blogs or else they will know what I'm up to. But seriously, I still don't know exactly what to give them. Wanna throw them a surprise party, with family and friends joining them. But that would last for just a day, might as well give something tangible and special. A flat screen tv perhaps, which my father would really love because he enjoys watching HD movies. Or a new set of kitchen stuff, my mom would make even more delicious dish when she has it. Now am confused.. haha!

I still have time though to figure out. Just thinking about it gives me excitement. Wish we can just go home and be with them on their anniversary! But I'll make sure they will love my present and would feel my presence. Gotta save more penny for now though. Anyway, what would be a nice gift if I may ask you? Your comments are appreciated. Winks!