Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Like mom, like son

I was so bored the whole day and for that made some experimentation with photos. Ended up with the picture above. That's me and my boy, being as goofy and silly as we can be! His reaction was priceless when he saw it and said, "oh your lips so pretty mama!" "I got no hair!" "Sure that's a big necklace!" Quite opinionated for a 4 year old boy isn't he? LOL! Being bored can sometimes bring the fun side of everyone. A perfect time to discover new things too, in this case editing pics. Winks!

Check out my other edited FACES!


mikexplorer said...

thank you for coming.. im always here supporting..

Mommy Liz said...

how did you do that? I wonder what my kids will say if I did that to their pictures :)

A Mom said...


mary joy said...

great editing,! I imagined your son when he saw that pictures of him..:)
anyway can we exchange link if its okay to you.