Monday, August 1, 2011

Had a buggee fun day


This was last Friday my kiddos and their cousins went to a bug party in Columbia. Sure they had fun fun fun all day. Every one got their bugs outfit on and they were all so adorably pretty and cute, my boy wore a bumble bee costume meanwhile my lil girl had her red butterfly, lol! I just can't help complimenting my kurdapyo when he wears his attire he look so handsome and cute with matching his flashy yellow shirt and his cutie antenna and sting... so ADORABLE! haha!


Vernz said...

ahihihi.. kacute aning imung mga kiddos... love his shirt no need for a bee bulky stuff.. a sting would do .. so adorable indeed.. was here for MYM.. see me back! @

Karen said...

karen hai thx have visited my blog, dont forget to join, comment and click +1 button thx

genny said...

cutie little one....visiting you back sis..:-)

Shela said...

thank you all!