Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's talk Fashion

Being a woman is so much fun. We get to put on make-ups, dress up, wear high heels, play with colors, and just express ourselves through fashion. I admit am one of those who'll go gaga over shoes! Pumps, wedges, booties are my weakness! And clothing too of course. It makes me smile whenever I get to have a new little black dress or a pretty maxi. But getting married and having kids brought about changes, I mean, I really gained weight. Felt so frustrated whenever I look at the mirror and see those bulges. LOL! But that was before. It was really an effort to lose weight and am happy I did it. Also what help me a lot before was plus size fashion and plus size clothing. We can still feel and look gorgeous though we're not same sized as models.

Speaking of, there's a huge sale on all apparels, shoes and accessories at Jessica London Whether it's their final cut summer sale or the fall sale, you'll surely find something worth having. I'd like to have a new jacket soon, for fall and it should be yellow, my newest favorite color. When I browse websites like this one here, I just can't help but smile and fall in love with those pretty and fabulous stuff. Every girl can relate with me on this one, am I right? Winks!