Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Taraffic!

It's terrific i mean traffic, lol! This was the longest traffic we've ever been in here that's all the way further than we view on the picture. We don't know what exactly going on up there might be constructions or a car broke but they've created bumper to bumper lines! We waited for 30 minutes at least we are moving like below zero mph though. The bad thing was we didn't meant to be in this high way, husband did a wrong turn and that's what happened we don't pay attention where we supposed to go well we are depending on our GPS but even the gadget still messed up! Whew! Charge to experience we know better than that. Well, at least i managed to take my picture takings here and there while waiting! :-)


vicy said...

Hello Sis. Visiting here on a Sunday morning. Wow whatta traffic you had there. Whew!


alf said...

Wow, super traffic naman!

Shela said...

korect! :-)

reyapot said...

san yan sis? grabe. talk about being stuck on traffic :p