Friday, July 29, 2011

Gone to Kids bug party

Good morning ya'll! TGIF huh! Kiddos and I with auntie and cousins are all going to Columbia, Tn a 1.5 hour drive to enjoy the bug party going on. This week was so busy for us preparing their costumes and all that kinda stuff which is a challenged for us though to find bumble stuff for kurdapyo's to wear but auntie managed it at the last minute because if it was announce a week early that we are attending the party i could have just order it online but it was so short noticed, yet at least like what i said the sweet auntie is so creative to make some for kiddies. :-)! Meanwhile the lil girl is wearing a red butterfly it's all cute we're excited to see them all wearing their own bugs attire! Will be sharing it the photos later on the entire event. See you guys... momshe is getting ready for the trip!

Happy weekend again to all of us! Wink!


CahNdeso said...

Hope your event with family, lively and happy