Monday, August 8, 2011

A homemaker's thingy

They say that the busiest, most difficult, yet most fulfilling and beautiful job in the world is that of a homemaker. I must agree! Being a wife and a mommy, we need to joggle a lot of things at the same time, all the time. But when we see our family growing stronger and happier everyday, it's worth it all. Well yeah it's not easy managing a household. We need to play different roles to meet the needs. But sure it's fun too. I like it a lot when I have to be a designer, I mean, it's in the hands of the mother on how she'll fix everything in the house, from the interior to the exterior. Speaking of, am kinda excited because as you know we are moving hopefully this year. It'll be fun working on a new house, new rooms, and my favorite part- kitchen. Will be very excited to shop for kitchen decor and kitchen curtains. Found really awesome items at, their bamboo grommet panel & valance caught my eyes! It's so neat and chic, perfect for a beach house I guess.

As early as now, I already have a dream kitchen in mind, lol! I'd like it either red or purple. Brylanehome's purple passion collection for the kitchen is so pretty. Who wouldn't want a purple goblet set, a purple dinnerware and cookware set, purple teapot other so forth. It seems like you have a royal kitchen, very pretty and classy. Anyway, they have huge discounts on plenty of items right now so just visit their website and browse. Enjoy shopping mommies, it's one of those things we do best. Winks!


mikexplorer said...

thank you for your comments.. care to exlinks>?

TommyClaire said...

I totally agree. Being a homemaker is not an easy task but very fulfilling. Thanks for dropping by my site too:)