Friday, August 5, 2011

For the loves of pets

I miss having a pet. When I was still in the Philippines we had 2 dogs and I love them so much. They were like our siblings. Playing around, cuddling and snuggling them was a source of joy. But they're both gone now, so sad. Though I love to have a pet here in the house, a kitty perhaps, but the kids are still kids you know. But of course I'd like my children to experience how is it like having a pet to take care of. The joy, the sense of responsibility, and the good time pets can give us is priceless. Anyway, that's gonna happen couple of years from now I guess. But for those who have their dogs or cats already, am gonna be sharing this useful link to you. Am talking about FunnyFur, where happy pets dig here. A shop that has everything and anything for your pets. They have dog costumes, dog beds, apparels, dog furniture, carriers, dog toys, and so much more!

Their dog beds in particular are really cute. You see, you need them especially during winter months when tile floors are freezing cold for our dearly beloved. The designs they have are so adorable like the pink princess car bed and the smiley face design. The apparels are trendy too. Your doggies will look so adorable in their hoodies, tees, and vest. Now it makes me want to have one. I miss the feeling of having a pet best friend. They're really the best!


simply kim said...

having pets is really nice. we keep one in the house, a cat with the color similar to that of GARFIELD, only our pet, Pippa, is not that fat but just as spoiled, lol!

do you mind checking Lake Pinatubo out?

analou said...

Hello My friend. In the Philippines we have a dog since I born until now. Most of our dogs were adopted and last year one of our dogs was missing. I was totally upset because I had the feeling that he was killed to be eaten. We love our dogs so much that even we can't hardly eat three times a day, we will share what we had to them.

Right now here in the US, I have a dog. He has three beds, three towels...all over our house and he has a dog house. This guy is very spoiled..hehehhee....he is our baby for now.

Ile Odarod said...

it's just so hard to keep a dog when everybody in the house is so busy.

Our dog died because there was no one to give him a bath. Apparently, he had too many fleas already