Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Toddlers Bed

My son still sleeping with us in our room so far but in his separate bed although it's not like this kind of bed. It's more of a crib than a regular toddlers bed (convertible). Since i am having our second baby 3months from now, we decided to get him a new bed to put on his bedroom, he is more use to his room now and wanted to be independent. And the crib will be use for our bebe girl. I Really like this bed because it is not tall to worry me if he's gonna fall in the floor. Plus I've read several reviews about this that mothers are happy same bed as it is in the picture. It is durable as well, they said even your toddler jump on it no problem at all. So well maybe sooner i will going to order this online. I have the match beddings for it... his favorite character right now, who else just 'ELMO' haha!