Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to normal

I am so happy that i can eat my favorite food of all time the 'deep fried chicken' again. It's been several months of my pregnancy that i couldn't stand the look and smell of the fried chicken more so if i see the meat. Feels horrible for me, and i feel sad about it because i really wanted to eat... my mind says go for it but my sikmura keep pushing away! So i bear with those feelings for a little while. Yet, for some reason lately i am craving for crispy deep fried chicken. Since last week i started to eat already. Last night was my dinner and i really picked the meat to the bone haha! With my rice and gravy... wow! i was so stuffed i couldn't hardly stand, yikes! Then i made extra rice for my lunch today still continue picking the bones. LOL! Oh well i am glad i can eat this food again and had no problem anymore.