Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coming Soon...

I can't wait to give birth to my baby girl, I know days getting closer and closer. My belly really starting to get huge every moment and every day. She is so hyper and energetic. I can feel her kicks, moves and i guess she's circling inside, haha! It is very overwhelming sometimes. So far so good but I gain quite a weight and i noticed i need few maternity clothes again especially jeans because it's getting tight on my belly already. So I got the secret fit belly kind of jeans, it is super duper comfortable and it hugs your belly during all stages of pregnancy and after baby is born. I learned this is advisable to wear for us pregnant ladies, plus it will smoothes the appearance of the belly and belly button and that's one thing i liked hides my pop out belly button.

I am just glad that we really no need to get many things for our second baby since we have everything from our first born child. I am talking about her baby cribs; actually we have 2 cribs, the small and the convertible one. We also have changing table, car seat, and other baby furniture. But one thing we need in the future is the double Strollers for both of them. I am also and family preparing for her baby clothes, oh i am excited on my baby shower bunch of cute stuff to get. So other than these? I guess we are good to welcome our baby girl soon. I am so mix emotion right now!!


Anonymous said...

congrats! hope you get to finish your "nesting" gong on with you before the baby comes. God bless!