Monday, January 26, 2009

Smarty pants!

I am talking about my 22 months old boy. He is smart enough to turn off the television, changing channel, open and close our DVD player and put his favorite Disney character Elmo! Uh huh! he does that a lot, every time i let him watch sesame street. He turn on and off the DVD player all by himself and do what ever he wants to do with it. I get tired because he ruins the Cd's. Just a minute ago he just tore apart one of his nursery rhymes into 3pcs . SO i told him no more watching Elmo's unsupervised by mommy. He gets antsy when i said that he knows he is in big trouble when i told it to Dada. I can't go in my kitchen doing chores because i keep checking him what the heck noises he is doing again! Really a terrible two's!