Friday, January 23, 2009

GPS for the Van

Just remembering our experienced in our trip to Washington DC last November. More in good times than in bad times i should say. The only complaints we had there was driving the downtown square. I tell you Washington state is a busy state people are walking every corner of the street, really reminds me of my hometown although the state have all the huge buildings and establishment. Traffic is so horrendous, it's hard for us to get out from certain street alone and we both no knowledge about the state, we're just depending on the map that our accommodation handed us. Just going to my appointment venue was totally challenging more so when we headed back to our hotel. I am so glad that hubby has his GPS navigation system on his cellphone otherwise we will be stuck in the traffic forever just trying to figure out where to find the right exits. After that incident, he decided to use his GPS whenever we go somewhere so it will not cost us a delay. And right now we are planning to get a portable GPS for our van.