Monday, January 26, 2009

School Memories!

I am reminiscing my high school and college years right now. I can't believe it's been years since those happy times. I've missed my classmates, my friends, and my teachers. But what I missed the most is the fun and exciting high school and college life, the socializations, the vents and most specially the "prom nights". Time flew by really fast but everything is still fresh in my memory. My friends and I attended the high school prom and everybody has its own style of prom dresses you know. Some were so simple others were too extravagant. Then, when I was in college, people are getting more trendy and the styles of their prom dresses are more pretty. You can't choose which one is the best since everybody's got different styles. Some are over the top, others are super sexy, and some are stunning and beautiful prom dresses just like what me and my friend wore that night,lol! kidding aside.

Well, if given me the chance to go back to my college days and experience all those fun time together with friends and classmates and attend the prom night, i would really want to look like Cinderella! haha. With all the accessories and my elegant prom dress and my prince charming along with me (my husband). And to help me feel like my favorite character, I found an online boutique that has all the beautiful, classy and sophisticated prom dresses you ever dream of because of their top designers they have. Just like what i picked here the V-shaped halter bodice with a beaded band repeating the V-shape at the empire. The corset tie back and dropped waistline meets the multi-layered tulle ball gown skirt. Liked the yellow one. Surely you feel like a princess! sigh... OK, enough of dreaming better gets back to work missy! Winks...