Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Favorite Articles of Clothing You Own

These are my 10 on Tuesday thingy. This week theme is all about clothing line you own.
Actually most clothing i own are all my favorites to wear and it depends on the situation. I just mix and match anything. However, i have my ten lists here that i consider.

1. My Blue Energie Puff Sleeve Scoop Neck Baby Doll Top
2. Magenta/Black Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Knit Trapeze Dress with Jewel Neckline
3. Brown Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Cap-sleeve Trapeze Dress
4. Predictions Brown Tall Boots
5. My Ukay Ukay Sexy Boot Cut Jeans, lol!
6. Briggs New York Navy Blue Jacket
7. My Stripy Pinkish Pajamas I always wear
8. All Sleeveless Round Neck Tank-Tops I own
9. My pretty black/white empire waist dress
10. Beige, red/white stripe, brown cashmere sweaters