Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Appointments DONE!

We just got home from our 2 appointments today. I'm tired of riding almost all day in the car... hayy kapuy jus kaayo! sakit samput! Anyway, I am happy with what i heard about my baby's development, my OB said she is doing great and kicking a lot, nothing much to say so far. Although i gained 6lbs in a month! can't believe that but he said he's not going to fuss me about that, I'm still doing fine maybe just the fluid in my body that gives me a lot of weight right now. Honestly, i am watching what i eat because i don't wanted to be as huge as my first pregnancy.

Then after OB, we headed straight to Nashville to get my biometrics done. We kind of early as in an hour early! So we asked if we can have it ahead and they said it was fine. Just waited 30 minutes then a lady called my number then so on so fort! Glad i am done with this stuff. We arrived home early than what we expected. Hmmm... well what's next? Nothing much as far as I know of, i just have to wait my GC in the mail and hopefully soon.