Saturday, January 24, 2009

Protecting Delicate Teeth

At what age did your teeth begin to develop? The process started while you were still in the womb-before your mother even knew that she was pregnant! Thus it is important to get adequate supply of nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins.

What about newborns? Experts say that bottle-fed babies are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. How do these happen? Some infants routinely fall asleep while sucking on a bottle containing milk, sugar water, or soda. Since these contains carbohydrates, bacteria thrives. Bacteria produce acids which form tooth decay. Some babies withe severe decay suffer premature tooth loss which affect the development of their permanent teeth

How can parents like us protect our babies delicate teeth? Breast-feeding is recommended since mother's milk is sterile and rich in antibodies.
If a bottle is used, experts say that its use should be discontinued after the baby reaches 18 months of age, and bottle be used only for feeding and not as a pacifier. If the baby is put to bed with bottle, it is better if it contained plain water. After each feeding, a clean soft cloth to clean the baby teeth.