Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Candy Girl!

Yea that's me! My husband called me candy girl. I always have candy stock in every part of my house, living room, kitchen, bedroom i make sure my candy jar wouldn't get empty haha but for the record i don't eat much candy anymore unlike when i was a kid. My aunt can't get a kiss or hug me unless she'll hand me a full hand of candy or chocolates.

So right now, I am always ready whenever my nieces come by and visit my son. As you know kids do liked candies after all so why not spoiled them a little bit. I get Bulk Candy so i can just refill the jars. Of course i buy several variety once including chocolates but i mainly choose the fruity and chewable like Laffy Taffy assorted, ohh i like it so much after i tasted that the husband gave me... i tell you i am addicted to it! in moderation though, haha. What i like to this candy is each wrapper has jokes printed on them that you can share it to your family and friend. Most importantly it's a healthy kind of candy because of the dose of flavors like grapes, watermelon, strawberry and more and at the same time you having fun with the jokes. I almost forgotten, my significant others haha the bubble gum I never miss this thing, always come in handy. Whenever i go always stays in my purse.