Thursday, January 1, 2009

He loves his slides...

It was late already we went out last night and get his new slides that his Nana bought it for him. He was so excited when Dada trying to put it all together after we got home. Plus his matching huge ball that we got also because lately he is fascinating with balls. Our round jar in the living room he thought it is a ball so he tries to roll it haha even its kinda heavy for him! Ohh... toddlers are really something huh they always exploring their imagination with anything they sees. I am happy that Nana gave him this 4 in one mini slides and sports thing. She gave us her card and said "don't look just get it". Glad to have it because even we are just at home while Dada is at work, he is still playing and do his exercises with his slides. When summer time we can put this outside our backyard. This perfect for him right now. Thank you NANA!!