Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Kitchen Friends

I cook frequently. My time is mostly spend in the kitchen. You see, the best time to bond is to eat together so I always want to give my loved ones an enjoyable meal. But before having that one fine meal, of course I have to go through that whole process of preparing the food. You don't need to be a chef to feel like one right? LOL! All I need to have are my partners, my kitchen friends, the knives, cutlery, and the silverware. Quality knives are important, they make your life in the kitchen easier, faster, and safer. The cutlery too are important, a meal can be more special with those lovely pieces of silverware, the complete set of spoon, fork, and knife.

Arthur Price Cutlery & Gifts, an online store that sells Fine cutlery and silverware. From the inexpensive to the very expensive ones, it's all up to you! What I like most here is their Arthur Price kitchen set of gorgeous, fresh, and striking cutlery and knives. The Mango set in particular, I love to have it! It is also perfect as gifts to newly weds, lol! Actually, they also have a wide selection of gift items like frames, drink accessories, all those cute stuff to decorate your kitchen. Oh well, for moms like us, we reign over our kitchen. It is where we show how much we love our family, so in addition to the food we serve them, we also have to make sure we have the best accessories that comes along with it.


Enchie said...

Hi there! I agree on using quality kitchen equipments. Turns out to be economical and safer when in use.

E-Tavasi said...

nice online store :)

Anonymous said...

good knives means safe cutting, right? we don;t have those in our kitchen ha ha ha
well, good for you. i hope to see an origial recipe from you :)