Saturday, March 21, 2009

Want to visit my cousin

I really wanted to take a vacation after i gave birth to our second baby. And i am thinking to visit my cousin in San Diego. She is my closest cousin i have way back in Philippines we always hang out together and even one time classmate haha! I've missed our fun time together and fortunately we both married to handsome foreigners winks!! So we parted our ways its been 4years now we haven't see each other in person good thing though our states is only a plane ride away! So I will really put in my calendar when to visit her and I'm not sure yet if we will stay in San Diego hotel or at their house, I'll just ask her if they have room for the 4 of us if not it's OK we will be staying in a hotel then no big deal as long we see each other again! Just thinking of it makes me excited!


Jerla Oh lalala said...

great plans looking forward to it.