Sunday, March 29, 2009

Missed my Watch!

It's a boring Sunday for me today so to let time passing by from boredom i am browsing and doing some window shop i don't have any plans to get something though just checking what's on sale and what's new. Anyway, i bumped to this shopping site they have many selection of branded and elegant watches such as citizen, casio, seiko watches for ladies and one of it is exactly the same expensive watch i used to have 5 years ago and suddenly missed my watch :-( to bad i sold mine because i need some money that time lol! It was a gift to me from a certain admirer actually haha bought it around $350.oo but i didn't really think to keep it for life! Not until now i realized it was an investment i should have having a watch like that because it is pretty good price that was spent on it! Ohhh well, enough said! I should stop thinking about it right now and just shut up! LOL. If ever i want to buy watch like this in the future now i know where to get just at